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Thursday January 30th, 2014

BW: 198.0lb

Decline Bench
bar x 10
135lb x 8
185lb x 6

205lb x 12
225lb x 10
205lb x 12

Lat Pull Down
120lb x 12
130lb x 10
120lb x 10

Cable Pull Back
120lb x 12
140lb x 11
120lb x 11

DB Flat Bench
45lb x 12
50lb x 10
42.5lb x 12

EZ Bicep Curls
55lb x 12
55lb x 10
45lb x 10


Back is still fawked but I still managed a solid upper day. Made a solid increase on my decline performance since last time.

Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow... Not sure if I should try and do what I can or just let it rest.

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