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Monday February 3rd, 2014

BW: 199.2lb

Decline DB Bench
30lb x 8
45lb x 6

60lb x 6
70lb x 6
75lb x 10

Lat Pull Down
50lb x 10
60lb x 10
70lb x 8


DB Flat Bench
50lb x 10
60lb x 10
65lb x 8

DB Row
70lb x 10
80lb x 10
80lb x 10

Pec Fly
25lb x 10
30lb x 10
30lb x 8


Finally popped up a bit in weight. The DB lifts have been feeling good lately too.

I somehow did pec flys instead of curls today. oops

I think I'll be sitting out lower day tomorrow ... my back needs rest unfortunately. I'm pissed because stuff just seemed to be coming together.

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