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Thursday February 6th, 2014

BW: 198.2lb

Incline BB Bench
bar x 10
95lb x 8
115lb x 6

145lb x 12
145lb x 12
145lb x 12

Face Pulls
50lb x 12
57.5lb x 12
65lb x 10

Seated DB Press
65lb x 12
65lb x 12
65lb x 10

DB Skull Crushers

EZ Curls
65lb x 12
65lb x 12
65lb x 10


I played around a bit with some body weight squat and I still feel a slight twinge in my back, unfortunately. Arg. I may have to take off tomorrow as well. Feels like it might be easy to slip right back to where I was if I push it too hard.

Anyway, the upper workout went pretty well. Lifted more weight or more reps than previous workouts so that's a good thing.

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