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Tuesday February 11th, 2014

BW: 198.8lb

Stretching & Posture Correction
"Tummy Vaccuum" - hold 10s/rest 10s x 10 (3 sets)
Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch- 6x30s each leg
Suppine Glute Raises - 3x12
Front Planks - 3x1min hold
Spinal Erector Stretch

Incline DB Bench
30lb x 8
40lb x 6
50lb x 4

60lb x 6
65lb x 6
70lb x 6
65lb x 6

Face Pulls
50lb x 10
57.5lb 10
57.5lb x 8

Seated BB Press
85lb x 10
95lb x 10
95lb x 8

Pec Flys
25lb x 10
27.5lb x 10
27.5lb x 8

Cable Tricep Extension
60lb x 8
50lb x 10
50lb x 8


I tried an upper workout today but even that was tough. I had to be real careful even just moving DBs around and vertical pressing puts a lot of pressure on the low back as well. Arg.

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