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Arrow *New Marriage Regrets TRAINING LOG - Fasting & Full-Body Workouts! 9/30/2014

I went from tall, dark and (arguably)handsome to... tall, bloated and chubby-faced.

A little about me. I'm Lee and I FINALLY got married at 36 years of age on June 22nd to the most beautiful woman I've ever known, inside and out.

BUT, I've taken this honeymoon thing waaaaay too far and she won't stop cooking deliciously fattening foods. Lots of Presidente beer and rich Dominican dishes caused my temporary downfall.

From the day we stepped into that hotel resort in Punta Cana(I live in the DR) to celebrate our marriage I've been slacking on my workouts and eating like there is no tomorrow.

The worst part is that I've been weight training for over 15 years, teaching and training others to get in shape for 10+ years. Usually through intermittent fasting, which I am now back to doing after having TOTALLY abandoned it post-wedding the last 3 months.

My Stats: 6'4" 255 lbs

My Normal Size: 6'4" 240 lbs

My New Goal: 6'4" 230 lbs (lean, ripped & muscular)

I've done this before and I always get back to my shape, but trust me... I have fat guy genetics, if I don't stick to the script I blow up quickly.

Here's a pic from when I REALLY got too big, I was about 270 lbs in this pic and went down to 240. And that wasn't my biggest, I've been 289 before but I didn't take many photos of that stage in life.

I think I'll be back to where I was in 3 months, I'm not a naturally lean guy but I know how to get lean when I want to, and since I won't be having anymore honeymoons I will stay lean.

I'll be doing 3 full-body weight-training workouts per week and atleast 120 minutes of cardio per week.

Feel FREE to give your encouragement and helpful suggestions.

Yesterday's fasted workout went like this....(I always workout fasted, regardless of my goals but it's REALLY great for fat-burning)

Walked 1 mile to the gym with loaded backpack.

I'm not pushing the weight you some of you guys are and I'm not trying, it's just not my goal. I've done a lot more weight in the past(in my 20's), but it's not MY thing anymore. I'm all about aesthetics and athletic function. I care about looking good outside the gym more than impressing dudes inside the gym.

I did....

3 sets of 10 squats - 205 lbs[/B] (going for lightweight - higher volume to burn fat)
4 sets of 10 box squats - 225 lbs

Barbell Clean & Press(fast-paced):
3 sets of 12 - 70 lbs

Bench Press:
3 sets of 10 - 205 lbs

Lat Pulldowns:
3 sets of 12 - 100 lbs

This workout had me TOTALLY GASSED. By the time I got to the 2nd set of Barbell Clean & Press I was huffing & puffing like no tomorrow and you should know that I work out on an empty stomach ALWAYS.

My last meal from the day before yesterday's workout was at 8:00 pm Sunday night and I just ate at about 1:30 pm yesterday 1st meal, last meal 7:30pm..

I must admit, I had to break up my bench press sets and ended up doing 6 sets of 6, I was gassed from the clean and presses.

The Lat pulldowns went well and I felt a second wind coming, I threw in a couple extra reps in each set and will definitely up the weights the next time I do it.

Afterwards, I walked back home one mile with groceries in my backpack 1 mile, the first few blocks are totally uphill(The Dominican Republic is full of hills and valleys). Anyway, I felt GREAT and Energized after the workout.

I'm gonna see if I can hit my fitness goal in 3 months and if I can get my wife to cook healthier dishes without hurting her feelings...

- Lee
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