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Today was a tiring day at the gym but I'm feeling good

There are 2 main gyms that me and the wife use here in Jarabacoa, 1 is a mile away the other is 1.5 miles away from the house(Mega Gym), we always walk.

This is a small mountain town and there are no major chain gyms here, but it has plenty of good equipment, more than the gym that is 1/2 mile closer.

Both gyms are both somewhat hole-in-a-wall gyms but this one is the nicer hole in the wall.

I usually don't go on Monday's to Mega Gym because it's always LOADED with guys, it's National Chest Day and the lights always go out in the city at around 10am almost every Monday like clockwork(DR problems) so all the fellas head to this gym in particular. But I usually go wednesdays, love this gym.

Only thing that sucks about Mega Gym is that there is no squat rack. But that's OK, I use the leg press when I go.


I was fasted since 7:30 yesterday, we walked to the veggie to grab some fruit for my wife then headed to the gym.

Today's workout consisted of....

Started with Barbell Clean and Press
1 set 12 reps 85 lbs
3 sets 12 reps 75 lbs
3 sets 12 reps 65 lbs

Lat Pulldowns

4 sets 12 reps

* I LOOOOVE this Lat pulldown machine. Far better than the cable version. NICE BURN!!!

Leg Presses

3 sets of 15 with sets of burnout calf presses in-between sets.
(wanted to do 4-15, didn't have it in me...)

Chest Flyes

4 sets of 12 reps 150 lbs

I also LOVE the feel of this machine over the majority that I;ve used, didn't ask my wife to take pics, I was tired and ready to get things over with. I'll take a pic another day but it's awesome.

Elliptical Machine Cardio

My absolute favorite piece of cardio equipment is BY FAR the elliptical machine, always has been.

I did 15 minutes at a medium-paced, I was super-gassed and didn't really give it everything I had but burned 173 calories.


We walked to the meat market on the way home bought 3 lbs of whole chicken cut into pieces for 180 pesos ($6 mas o menos) and walked home with loaded backpacks 1.5 miles.

I ate 1/2 lb of chicken with skin(cooked stovetop without oil) a ton of coleslaw (vinegar, olive oils) and a large avacodo at about 3pm. Will eat again soon, (don't know what yet but something healthy and protein packed.)

That's enough of my rabbling for today!

What do you think? leave your tips and advice if they are constructive ;)
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