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I didn't want to do alot of thinking today and it was hot as crap outside so I wasn't feeling very motivated but I went to the gym.

I was fasted since 8 pm yesterday.

The wife and I walked to the farther gym (Mega Gym 1.5 miles) because I wanted to use the elliptical after lifting.

I did a timed workout with the Barbell Clean and Press, I like to do this when I don't wanna think much about sets and reps for everything.

I gave myself 40 minutes in which I took barbells of different weights and simply did as many clean and presses until I couldn't catch my breath anymore or couldn't raise the bar overhead anymore. And then I sat down and rested just enough to catch my breath and go do it again, and again, and again.

I didn't count the reps and sets, just burned out. I went as high as 95 lbs and as low as 55 lbs barbells.

It REALLY stresses my cardiovascular system and muscles.

If I had to guesstimate, I surely did more than 200 reps. I was dripping with sweat like a MOFO. Felt good and I felt more motivation than when I entered the gym.

[B]After that I did....

Dumbbell Squats
3 set of 10 reps - pair of 90lbs

Lat Pulldowns (plate-weighted)
3 sets of 15 - 125lbs

Bodyweight Dips
3 burnout sets to failure

Elliptical Machine Cardio

15 minute - 200 calories

Now for my admission of guilt...

Sorry dude, I just couldn't help myself, that burrito was whispering sweet nothins in my ear...

We walked to a restaurant that's on the way home had a burrito de res(beef burrito) and a diet coke with the wife.

SIDENOTE: This restaurant has the BEST HOT SAUCE ON THE PLANET, I found out that some local guy makes it and sells it, I'm tracking him down to buy that stuff for the crib. It's real hot but with a great flavor, my butt's gonna be burnin' tomorrow, but live for today right??

That was my first meal at 3pm. Finished walking home after the meal.

Even though that meal wasn't the healthiest, I needed some fat anyway and tonight at 7:30 I'll eat some "clean" homemade burritos filled with chicken breasts in whole wheat burrito wraps.

Oh, BTW I didn't do JACK yesterday, but I ate clean. All constructive help is welcome.... Will update later!
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