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10-4/5-2014 (the weekend)

Broke my fast at around 12:30 both days, I ate pretty clean. Saturday ate about 2 lbs of chicken breast sauteed in garlic/sesame seed oil and soy sauce between the hours of my 8 hour eating window.

I'm not really into counting calories ONLY because I've dieted down enough to eyeball my food and I know the macros almost by heart. Most of you probably can relate. Been to this rodeo before....

Midday Sunday, I ate a chicken burrito WITH the hot sauce that I talked about in an earlier post(found the guy and bought a gallon of the stuff for 1000 pesos($26) and coleslaw(olive & vinegar).

Sunday night I ate whole wheat pasta spaghetti with meat and red sauce, my wife used low fat ground pork.

I intended to go running over the weekend, but life happened and I got to busy. But I was happy to stay on track with my eating.
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