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Busy day today, went house hunting with my wife before the gym and it kinda zapped us both. We didn't spend as much time as usual in the gym because of it, just got some decent work in.

I went fasted until 6 pm today, not that I wanted to, just so much going on. We walked to the closer gym (1 mile) because I wanted to do squats.

I did...

Barbell Squats

4 x 10 - 255 lbs

Barbell Clean and Press

4 x 15 - 80 lbs

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

3 x 12 *- 180 lbs

Weight-plated Incline Chest Press Machine

Somebody left 200 lbs on with all 25 lb plates, I just did burnout sets to failure and stripped 1 plate from each side each time until I failed to bench press 50 lbs.

Bent Over Barbell Rows

3 x 12 - 125 lbs (I was tired, it actually felt heavy...)

Then we walked home and ate avocados and left over wheat pasta spaghetti and a couple protein shakes. Ima try to jog or something tomorrow.
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