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On Saturday I finished of the meatballs from Friday and ate veggies, nothing special about Saturday. I didn't do any workouts. I was craving beer, but resisted. I was cleanly under my maintenance calories for Saturday even without a workout. Ran a lot of errands, that was workout enough and I was sore from Friday.

Sunday morning I did a 3 mile morning jog and tried to mix in a lot of hard sprinting, I live in a mountainous area, so I go some go hill work in. When I was gassed I walked a bit until I could sprint or jog again. I ate stove top cooked chicken and I made coleslaw with vinegar and about a tablespoon of olive oil, I ate half and saved the other half of the slaw for Monday. I ate the same meal twice within my eight hour feeding period (between 12pm and 8 pm). It was a good clean day...
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