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10-13-2014 KILLER DAY AT THE GYM! - Mixed Things Up

I had an AMAZNG workout Today, I felt like Superman.

And I KNOW I'm burning fat even though I haven't weighed myself(not that the scale always tells the story any weigh...) - Get it? Any "weigh"?

OK, that was corny, let's proceed.

Today I went into the gym only knowing that I DIDN'T want to do Barbell Cleans and Presses. I did so many Cleans and Presses last Friday, that the thought alone was making me sick and I felt that I was getting bored with them. But after my first couple of exercises I felt like I was just making excuses because it's hard and so I did them anyway. I did add some different spices to this workout to avoid boredom.

I was fasted of course, walked to the farther gym(1.5 miles) alone, my wife wasn't feeling the greatest.

So anyway, here's how it went....

Warmed up with Leg Extensions

I didn't count reps, don't know the weight. Just wanted to get my knees good and warm.

Hack Squats

3 x 12 - 150 lbs

This exercise would like to snap my crap up everytime I do them, so I always tread carefully and don't ego lift at all with these, I just want to feel the burn intensely at the ends of my sets and that's it. I'm not trying to push tons of weight, I don't have any desire in testing my knees, I already have a torn meniscus in my right knee. They felt decent after I warmed up.

Sumo Squats

5 x 12 - 100 lb Dumbbell

This a great "bang for your buck" exercise, the burn is INCREDIBLE with only 100 lbs for me, I was tempted to put my back pack on and do them but I didn't, maybe next time. I will be doing more of these. Saw the Hodge Twins doing these and decided to give them a try. Love them.

Barbell Clean and Press

3 x 12 -80 lbs (did them anyway, felt good)

Close Grip Cable Rows(back/traps)

3 x 12 - 170 lbs

Weight- Plated Lat Pull Downs

1 set 12 reps of 180lbs - 2 sets of 135 lbs

Dumbbell Pullovers (Feel it strongly in my chest)

3 x 13 - 55 lbs (usually go heavier but need to work my self back into these, felt good though)

I REALLY concentrate on my mind-muscle connection with these, one of my favorite exercise!

Body Weight Dips

3 x 15

Elliptical Machine

30 minutes - 480 calories

Walked to the veggie market, the meat market(both more or less on the way) and then home 1.5 miles.

Supps Taken Preworkout: Beta-Alanine and creatine in the morning, caffeine immediately preworkout.

Supps taken post workout: Multivitamin, DIM, DHEA and dinner

Eating baked chicken, coleslaw, avocado and having pineapple with strawberry yogurt for dessert. Eating to meals today before 8 pm.

- Lee
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