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10-15-2014 - Felt Weak In The Gym - Calorie Deficit Hitting Me

So Wednesday I hit the gym to train and I felt good on the walk to the gym, I went late because I had to finish some work online that couldn't wait.

My last meal was at 7:35 PM Tuesday and I ended up going to the gym at around 3 PM, I wasn't feeling too hungry but I could eat, I chose not too eat before the workout because I usually feel more focus when I train fasted and I really wanted to enjoy my post workout meal.

But because I've been in a consistent and somewhat steep calories deficit for a couple weeks now, I felt it in the gym.

I couldn't push much weight at all, but I still got the workout in and I wasn't too exhausted to work and sweat I just couldn't get push or pull any bigger numbers (not that I'm super-strong anyway).

It's a good and bad thing, it's bad because it just doesn't feel good to feel weak but it's good because I know I've been staying below my maintenance calories consistently without counting calories and I have a well-deserved CHEAT DAY COMING this Sunday. Pizza, Beer & Peanuts are on the menu, oh and some sweets. Still gonna eat within my fasting hours and may even wait until late in the day to start eating (Maybe 3 or 4 PM) so that my revved-up metabolism doesn't have enough time to force me into having 3rd, 4th and 5th servings. It'll be time for bed after my second "cheat meal".

I.... CAN...NOT...WAIT!!!!!

Anyway, here's what I did on Wednesday 10-15-2014...

1.5 mile walk to Mega Gym

Barbell Clean and Press

4 sets of 15 - 65 stinkin' lbs (pathetic, I know, lol....)

Flat Barbell Bench Press

3 sets of 12 - 185 lbs (felt heavy, smh...)

T-Bar Rows

3 sets of 12 - 150 lbs

Sumo Squats

4 sets of 15 - 100 lbs

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

3 sets of 12 - (too embarrassed to tell you the weight, bad enough there were people there to witness it! Haa...)

Chest Flyes (Machine)

4 sets of 10 - 150 lbs

Weight-Plated Lat Pull Downs

3 x 12 - 125 lbs

Elliptical Machine

30 minutes - 420 calories

Walked home 1.5 miles

I ate 2 avocodos - 1 lb of baked chicken breasts smothered in my favorite hot sauce and at night I had my wife's wheat pasta spaghetti with low-fat ground pork.

Supps Taken : Creatine, Beta-alanine, Powdered Caffeine (immediately preworkout), DIM, DHEA, Whey Protein & Multivitamin.

Gonna ride this deficit out til Sunday, it aint to bad and I'm making sure I get my protein.... Will Update soon!
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