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Default Diet suggestions

I thank in advice anyone who will take time to read this and answer
The trainer on my gym just made me this diet to make me lose my belly. Any opinions on it? ( I did not pay him extra money for it )

Breakfast: 150g yogurt OR milk + 30 gr cereals
30 minutes after breakfast 30g whey protein

lunch: 70g rice or pasta OR 80g bread + 200g of turkey, chicken or fish + salad

18:00 2 fruits

(only WO days) before WO 3 pills of amnoacids
(only WO days) after WO 4 pills of amnoacids
20 minutes after WO 30g whey protein

dinner: 200g turkey chicken or fish, 5 rice cake + salad + b50 vitamin

I am currently 75kg, 178cm and I basically beside going to the gym and having sex pretty much often I never do anything to burn calories, because as a programmer and a nerd I just sit in front of my PC to relax or work.
I have been working out for 4 months now
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