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Default New here and hoping to finally change + a forum question

Hey guys!

I've been lifting for several years and have mostly followed Strong Lifts 5x5 or 5/3/1. I've come from a marathon running only background and have been spinning my wheels in pursuit of getting stronger.

Like a lot of people, my issue is with eating. I eat very healthy and cook all of my own meals, just not enough to support growth. Looking to read others' journeys here and hopeful for finally committing, stop trying to do so much, and get stronger! I'll save the details for other sections, but that's me in my lifting nutshell. Happy that I found!

My forum question is about changing my username. I didn't want my e-mail address as my name, just the "RCrown2" part. Anyone know how/if this can be changed?

Thanks in advance!
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