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Default Do I need to bulk or cut

Age 29
Height 5,11
Weight 76kg

Hi Guys,

Please see the below pictures of me, and then below that what I would like to achieve.

As you can see I want a lean body, with slight muscle, I do not want to get BIG.

My main question today is what do I have to do to achieve that body? I know it may take me a good year or 2 of hard work.

I am not sure if I need to be bulking, and then cutting.

Or just be in a calorie deficit?

I will post my current diet


Overnight oats

1 banana
Protein milk
1 scoop of whey protein

1 slice of brown bread with peanut butter

cup of tea

Morning snack

Protein shake with water (1 scoop of whey protein)
Protein brownie
Mixed nuts


1 chicken breast and mexican rice



Chicken with veg and rice
White Fish with veg and rice
Steak with veg and rice

The only veg I seem to have is broccoli.

Tuna jacket potato with beans

3 litres of water throughout the day

Evening snack

4x eggs with 1 slice of brown bread

I am roughly eating 2,500 calories a day

Getting 6-7 hours sleep a night

Due to COVID-19 my gym is currently closed. I have 12kg dumbbells at home.

I have been doing workouts from home, 30 mins long, 6x a week, and cardio 4x a week.

For the last 6 weeks I have been told to try and be in a calorie deficit as I wanted to lose 2lbs a week.

2 things I am worried about

1. If I do need to bulk, how much more food will I need to be eating? As I am worried about cost.

2. How long will I need to be bulking for? Roughly? I am very conscious of my body and my lose confidence If I am putting on weight, but I have to keep saying to myself it will be worth it.

But to achieve the body in the pics above, please advise what I need to do.

Many Thanks
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