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1st Time Steroid User - PCT - have already lost 80% of my gains in 4wks

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Old 06-05-2021, 12:56 AM
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Default 1st Time Steroid User - PCT - have already lost 80% of my gains in 4wks

Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone could please help me. I really need help with my PCT

I am a 35yr old male who did steroids for the 1st time, my results were incredible considering how little I actually used... I only bought one single (10ml Vial of Test Enanthate 250mg) and did nothing else, and I only actually used approx 1/2 the vial and then stopped completely (I was only injecting approx 0.02ml twice a week, rather then the standard 1ml injections)

The results were AMAZING I put on approx. 12kg in 7wks and everyone was telling me I was huge, I couldn't fit in any of my clothes. I stopped completely (with more than 50% of the vial still left unused) approx. 4wks ago because I reached the size I wanted and didn't want to get any bigger.... but now only 4wks later on I have pretty much lost 80% or more of my gains, even though I am still eating heaps & continuing to train & lifting heavy, which is weird.. I heard that you will use alot of your gains when you get off, but I couldn't believe that I would pretty much loose all my gains! I don't see the point of doing steroids, if you loose pretty much all your gains once you get off

I've been doing alot of research and I understand the concept of "Blast & Cruise" to prevent losing your gains... but I really want to have kids, so taking time of is important to me and so this is not an option for me
I don't want to loose anymore of my gains, as I trained so incredibly hard 5days a week while I was on my cycle... so can someody please tell me what I am doing wrong or if there is anything I need to take or change to prevent losing more of my gains??

I started my PCT 2wks after I last injected and have just been taking "1x50mg CLOMID Tablet per day" (I have now also just started taking "1xTamoxifen 20mg tablet per day" in addition to the CLOMID tablet)
- I don't want to keep loosing more size, is there anything else I should be doing to prevent loosing size? Also how long should I be taking the PCT Tablets for? A doctor that I went and saw said I should only take 2xClomid Tablets for 5 days and that's it, that's your entire PCT done is that correct?

Thanks for any help in advance guys!
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