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Seeker007 10-14-2010 10:16 PM

Advice on Tren with Deca Please
My friend read of a strong bulking cycle that involves combining Tren with Deca durabolin.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this?

(he has previously had good results with Deca, and then subsequently extremely bad results with testosterone). Now he wants to try this combination.

Are there any precautions he must take, for example must he still use Tamoxifen when combining Tren with Deca etc.
Thanks in advance

(Some background info: he is 1.75 metres and used to be 48kg. He is 40 years old and very very thin. Then he used deca at least twice and eventually reached 60 kg. Then he was advised to use Testosterone. So for 2 and a half months he used testosterone with extremely poor results. He gained 3 and a half kilograms. One month later he lost almost all of this. From 60 kg to 63.5kg and back to 60.5kg. He just canít seem to reach 70kg. Now he wants to use Tren combined with Deca for bulking up).

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