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johnytufnuts 02-11-2009 08:53 AM

broken fibula....can gear help speed up the recovery!
I am an athlete, and i broke my fibula bone in a fight and dislocated my ankle. I had surgery and they put a titanium rod along the fib and a plate in my ankle and 8 screws. I have had my cast on for two weeks i should be getting it off in ten days. their is still two months in the season till playoffs so i would like to try and make it back. One doctor said i gently start doing activity 8-9 weeks after the surgery. I was wondering if their is anything i can take that help speed up the healing process. I know that pro baseball players take certain drugs when they get injured and it helps them heal a lot faster. I was wondering if any of these products may help----- hgh red tops(thanktropin)/primo/var/enanthate/eq/prop....please any thoughts and comments will help.....i am taking fish oil,calcium, and advil every day....thanks again

mad matt 02-11-2009 09:42 AM

hgh could work lol but it takes months before you feel the benifits, im afraid its abit late....

TALO 02-11-2009 10:09 AM

Do you go to theropy ?

johnytufnuts 02-15-2009 07:52 AM

Well i still have the cast on?...I cant really do much...except work out my upper body and do some abs....i have been on hgh thanktropin since november---and then 4 months before that i have been taking gh taking consistantly 2 iu a day ....5 days on 2days calcium pills, fish oil, and that shark shit.....just some vitamins that may help.....i just want to have the best recovery i can possibly have....i would like to stay lean as well but its tough!

Reboot 02-15-2009 05:19 PM

The frag isnt going to help as much as GH is. My buddy sliced his hand almost in half straight across palm through ligaments and everything. Doctor said he had a 3-6 month recovery time. Doing direct injections to his hand he was back training just before 2 months.

johnytufnuts 02-19-2009 02:43 PM

well i was wondering since i have two extra bottles of frag.....and im doing 5 days on two days off with the red only taking 2 iu's a day....can i sneak the gh frag in on the weekends....until i run out...just so i can get rid of it...or is that too much ?....suggestions

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