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dakid 03-29-2005 08:36 AM

Bulking Cycle
Need some idvice in what I should use for my next bulk cycel i was thinking of a common ground d-bol with some decca gimme some input please :D

Kilo 03-29-2005 11:51 AM

You would want to add some test to that cycle the deca will kill your dick, or you can forget about it completly and do test dbol eq. But i'd need to see your previous cycles to know dosages.

apocalypse 03-30-2005 04:30 PM

Where the stats at??

Fpot66 03-31-2005 10:01 AM

States would be great and then do some more research, possibly starting with the sticky at the top of the page and then some other steroid profiles on various websites or in books... :eek:

Deca and D-bol is a horrible idea IMO.


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