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sunsfan22 01-30-2009 07:43 AM

Cycle Help
Hey guys, this is my first cycle as i have been liftin for nearly 4 years and have hit my natural abilities. TIME TO JUICE! get to be a monster, but this also takes some time. Been readin on this stuff for bout 3 months and am going to start. Is this a good first cycle, feel free to say what you think or make suggestions.

getting it from my own source as i have read buyin online is a scam.

thanks guys

sunsfan22 01-30-2009 07:58 AM

i am 21 at 193lbs, 6'0 tall and trainin for 4 years, calorie intake of around 3900 a day

forgot to mention the important facts lol

mad matt 01-30-2009 08:52 AM

First, i think your to young lol, however if your going to do a cycle i would advise a test only for your first time. Look at test e/c, 500mg per week, split in two shots every 3.5 days. So that would be 250mg on MON and 250mg on Thurs. Do you have your pct sorted??

sunsfan22 01-30-2009 08:57 AM

yeah i have my pct sorted, would you recommend sticking to just test and leaving an oral for a boost out?

mad matt 01-30-2009 09:07 AM

Stick with just the test, you can add to it if you cycle again. The reason for this is if you suffer bad sides you will know what is causing them. However if you ran a number of roids and suffered bad sides you wouldnt know which roid was causing it.

sunsfan22 01-30-2009 09:09 AM

how long would you recommend

mad matt 01-30-2009 09:16 AM

Well test e/c is a long ester, so i would say 10/12 weeks..

Joker13 01-30-2009 09:22 AM

Yeah, a good first cycle (from what I've heard) is just go with good ole test-e or c. Nothing else is needed.

although I would recomend a min of 12 weeks

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