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shauny2times 05-22-2008 09:12 AM

diet pills on the sauce???
my buddy said he takes diet pills when hes on so he dosent retain as much water and looks more shredded???? dont you want to retain water to volumize your cells and build bigger muscles??? any input will be appreciated thanks studs

hrdgain81 05-22-2008 09:27 AM

Personally I wouldnt use them on cycle. AAS can increase blood pressue, and destroy your lipid profile, stims can make that worse. depending on the type your using of course. Not to mention its counter productive to bulking ... my advice is if you dont want to hold water and bloat ... either dont use, or run a more androgenic steroid.

altus580 05-22-2008 10:06 AM

arn't steroids illegal, or are there legal kinds, im in the military so i never see it, im sure people use em, but secretly. Just wondering how popular they really are....

hrdgain81 05-22-2008 10:59 AM

^^ yes, they are illegal. there are some legal oral's though, and some are very strong.

altus580 05-23-2008 08:53 AM

so whats the best "legal" version??

hrdgain81 05-23-2008 08:56 AM

just as there is no "best" illegal steroid, you would be hard pressed to find the best legal oral. There are different categories, and ratios, if you want more info, I'd start another thread ... I dont want to hijack shaun's.

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