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varvel 10-24-2011 06:33 AM

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Hello good people. To give a little background on myself: I'm a 37 year old male from PA with just shy of 10 years of sporadic weight training.My longest run, without burning out, was 3 years of solid training from age 26- 29.At my best, I was 180 lbs at 5 ft 7 in at 8 percent bf.Right now I'm 190 lbs, not sure about bf% atm...but I'm not too happy with what the mirror is telling me...I have the definition of a bar of ivory soap.3 months ago I got back into training after I blew up to 215 lbs.This weight gain was due largely to my, at the time, exercise regimine of various micro-brew curls- super-setted with bong hits to failure.So I ditched the brew and the herb and blew the dust off my 200 lb adjustable dumbell set.For a month and a half I performed an every other day full body circuit routine.You shoulda seen my fat ass huffing and puffing during those first half dozen sessions.But combined with a 5 mile daily walk and my job as a union construction worker, the dough began to quickly slough off.3 weeks ago I added a 300 lb olympic barbell set, bench, and squat rack to my tool list.So now I follow a 4 day upper/lower split consisting of compound exercises- squats/ deads/ rows/ bench/ chins and overhead presses.Supplementary exercises include- db pullovers/ db flyes/ bb curls/ lying triceps extensions and an ab-core circuit on lowerbody day.I like to periodize, increasing the volume( starting with 3 and ending with 5 sets for each exercise in the 10 rep range) and then dropping back to 3 sets of 6 reps (increasing to 5) for another 3 week cycle.Protein is consumed at 1.5 g/lb of bodyweight.My carbs come from mainly fruit and vegetable sources with some whole grains.I eat 6 meals a day.I also take fish oil 1x daily, and a multi-vitamin.Daily cals rarely exceede 3000.Last week I began my first Epistane cycle (my first anabolic) starting at a 40 mg dose and working up to 60 mg daily.I've just begun week 2 and no bad sides yet.It's too early in the game to make any real observations, but I will update over the next 3 weeks, and into the PCT (Clomid) phase as well.The first pic is from yesterday, the second is 3 weeks ago.

iron_worker 10-25-2011 08:11 AM

Well I can't see the pics because I'm at work but I have one question.... It seems like you were off to a good start and making progress. What made you go for the anabolics?

Either way it's great that you're back at the weights with a vengeance.


varvel 10-25-2011 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by iron_worker (Post 90921)
Well I can't see the pics because I'm at work but I have one question.... It seems like you were off to a good start and making progress. What made you go for the anabolics?

Either way it's great that you're back at the weights with a vengeance.


Thanks Iron. It's great to be back at it! The reason I decided on giving anabolics a try, honestly, is that curiosity got a strong hold on me.I'd been out of the game for so long that I'd fallen out of touch with current advances in supplementation, diet, training etc.When I tuned back in..via the internet, I was floored by the sheer volume of info available.Especially in regards to legal, for now, performance enhancement.I began to read up on pro-hormones, and specifically how these compounds can greatly aid a person in the 35 and over crowd that is trying to get back into fighting form, so to speak.Basically I decided to cheat a little...or alot, depending on how you look at it.I appreciate the response IW, and if you have any advice, and this goes for anyone else, I'm definitely all ears.This is a bold new frontier for me.Take care man.

varvel 10-27-2011 07:16 AM

First observation: Epistane seems to speed recovery between workouts dramatically.As hard as I've been pushing the last couple workouts, I should be pretty beat up.All lifts are rapidly going up.Now I think this may be due in large part to muscle memory, but I cant help but think that the epi is "jogging" that memory.I'm also thrilled that my radial tendons arent screaming at me when I go to grab the gallon of milk out of the fridge after a heavy upper body session.Of note as well: I had an acl/mcl surgery on my right knee 2 years ago.Until 2 days ago the damn thing would click, pop, and crack (and I mean audibly) whenever I would squat below parallel.And there would be a residual dull ache that would require 3 advil to relieve.As of this writing I cant even tell that there was ever a problem with my knee.Does correllation show causation? Not late enough in the cycle yet to make that determination, but I'd say that the stuff was worth the price if it gets rid of that ball and chain.I'm definitely starting to feel this in a very positive way.

iron_worker 10-27-2011 12:43 PM

Well as far as prohormones and such I'm more or less useless. I've been clean since day 1. All I take is protein, creatine, and a multi-vitamin.

Do you have to take a PCT as well with the legal stuff? What are the known sides?

Sorry for my ignorance but just because I don't take it doesn't mean I'm also not curious about it. Maybe one day I will when my natural test drops off a cliff. lol


Iced696 11-28-2011 12:49 AM

The PCT is a MUST on any cycle. It helps your system kick start that natty test again. If this is your only cycle then you seem to have things on track and are experiencing some positive things. If you intend on another cycle I would wait about 3-6 months until your next. There are differences in opinions on this. But you want to give your body a while producing it's own test before you jump right into another cycle and shut it down again. As for the clicking, it could be coincidence, maybe not. Enjoy it though. Be sure to post regular pics. :biggthumpup:

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