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russdamuss 10-27-2005 01:10 PM

Has any body ever heard of TRIPPLE X
I have been using this so called new tablet called tripple-x which says its the mosteffective and potent steroid ever produced,all you take is one capsule a day within 3 days i gained half a stone,however im hearing other things about it now just wondered if anyone had come across it and what they think as up to now its doing what it says which is amazing:rolleyes:

Frontline 10-27-2005 04:24 PM

Do you have sort of link or background information you can direct us to? I did a Google search and couldn't find any information on it. Personally I have never heard of it before.

russdamuss 10-28-2005 05:43 AM

I too cannot find any background on it its so-called produced by BUCURESTI PHARMACEUTICALS of romania it looks right enough the way its packaged and is causing a bit of a stir through its results were im from in lancashire england,however no one can find it however one person has read about it some 6 months ago and reckons its suppose to be the perfect balance of certain types of oral steroids and anti estrogens working in combo together its working faster than anapolon 50 without the water retention.:confused:

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