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scag315 01-24-2009 07:51 PM

Havoc cycle...
I'm Currently starting another Havoc Cycle.
Doing 4 weeksx30mg cycle.
I've Done a previous havoc cycle of...
week 4x40mg

Sticking with 4x30mg this time just offset some Catabolism while changing my diet from a Bulking cycle and start cutting when done with this last PH cycle. Last Epistane/Havoc cycle gained more strength gains than Size. I know havoc is a very mild PH which is why i'm afraid if i use the ECA stack along with it to Jump start my Cut if i'll loose any gains in strength and size I might gain from the Havoc? Last time I used a Serm (Tamoxifen Citrate-overkill for havoc I know) and Creatine to help maintain my gains, but this time i'd like to avoid the Creatine and water retention. This will be my 4th PH cycle (2 Mass Tab + 1 Havoc) and this will be the first time I use any kind of Fat Burner along with it, Just looking for suggestions or advice on it.

Currently i'm 208 18% body fat, 5' 10.5" Looking to be 185 and 9% by June.

Ross86 01-24-2009 08:14 PM

Havoc is a steroid. Using steroids while taking lots of stims is a good way to have a heart attack or something. You're better off getting more strict with your diet than doing stims + steroids. At least run Havoc solo.

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