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Pituitary 03-09-2008 04:28 AM

HCG Throughout; Desentization of the Leydig cells
CYCLE : 750mg SUS for 12 weeks; 1 week in.

After reading up on HCG, I have decide to follow SWALE's protocol and take small amounts throughout cycle rather than trying to chase up the problem at the end.
However, I have read that taking HCG for too long causes desentization of the Leydig cells.

Q1. So does this only apply to using large amounts or is it not really that big a deal?
Q2. Is 250iu E3Ds enough from week 2-3 till end. Some people seem seem to prefer to use 500iu E3Ds and say that 250iu is not enough.
Q3. I am gyno sensitive and am taking 10mg Aromasin ED. Will I need to up this when starting HCG.

I have also read that you should take a SERM during HCG to prevent aromatization. Again are they referring to using large amounts at the end.

Q4. Do I need the Tamaxifan then? Do not like the idea of taking a SERM throughout whole of cycle although I have heard that Tamaxifan can counteract the problem of desentization of the Leydig cells to some degree.

Thanks in advance :)

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