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johnytufnuts 06-29-2007 04:20 PM

I need some help here!
I' am taking Testerone Propionate. I am taking 1/2 cc every other day. I am up 202 pounds. My body fat is at 13 percent. I am taking an anti estrogen(exemestane) with the test. I was thinking about taking some anavar with the propionate. I get blood tested in early september so i have to be very careful with what i take. I have 20 capsules of anavar (50 mg). I want to drop in body fat without losing too much weight. I need to be about atlest 195 pounds. If i take the anavar about how much weight will i lose?...could someone tell me what the correct dosage maybe for the anavar?...................Post cyle.....i have clomid ....what is the correct dosage?......I aslo heard about Hcg that better?

Dr X 06-29-2007 04:36 PM

You really need dto know what you are doing. Your prop dose which I'm guess is 50mg eod is way to low. Should be at least 100mg easy. the var will help you lean out but you need a good diet. As for clomid I would take 300mg your first day then 100mg or the rest of the week on into 70 50 and 25 for the next 3 weeks. hcg is best on cycle IMO. but if you take it at the end of cycle you will need 1000iu ED for a week but do not drop the clomid.

By the way you need to list your current stats correctly and goal not to mention a little more detail on the cycle. I'm not even sure what I'm telling you will fit what you are doing.

johnytufnuts 06-29-2007 05:18 PM

Yea my prop dose is 50mg every other day and I'm taking exemestane 25mg every third day......I'm 6'0 feet tall, 202 pounds, 13% body fat. I play hockey so i cant get to bulky or heavy. I need to stay fast. My diet is good!....My protein intake is shake a day sometimes two....So I should up my prop dosage? far an the anavar how should i take that? there anything else i cant take since i need to be clean by september?.......I am def gonna take the clomid for my post cyle......but i dont understand the whole HCG....I have done my reading on it still dont get I need it?

johnytufnuts 06-29-2007 05:24 PM

sorry my goal is to be about 200 lbs about 9 - 10 percent body fat......I do alot of olympic lifting......i want to keep as much as the weight as possible after im done....

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