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ideal gear for cyclist (bicycle racer)

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Old 05-25-2023, 09:51 AM
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Default ideal gear for cyclist (bicycle racer)

Have the diet and training already optimized. plateau'd to the max.... Back when I was pro a decade ago my sustained performance numbers were approx 20% higher, also never on gear. However I knew people that got on something and within a month were totally new riders with other worldly gains.... No longer racing as im retired but still training is life and dont have to worry about failing a test etc etc.

So what im looking for is just something to increase lower body strength, dont care about gaining mass, actually prefer to gain as little weight and size as possible, not retain water and be as lean and light as possible.

for those that aren't cyclists, what this is basically doing about 15,000 reps of about 40lbs each leg pushing down and then pulling the leg back up with only about 10lbs which accounts for about 70% of the ride with 20% of it at double that effort and a few percent basically maximum effort.

in usa.
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