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MrRobertDark 11-27-2011 10:50 PM

Info on Axiron
My training partner is using Axiron. Its pure testosterone. Its not an injectable or table but is applied on the skin. My google searches confirms its legit as testosterone, but I am curious about its effectiveness as a muscle builder. Anyone have any info.:WEIGHT~13::wtf:

Iced696 11-27-2011 11:29 PM

I know this is a testosterone therapy treatment and not a prohormone. However, transdermal prohormones were popular back about 6-7 years ago and some of them were mildly effective. Because this stuff is going to be by perscription only, I would talk to your doctor about other forms of testosterone replacement therapy. This stuff is going to be low dose which doesn't mean much unless you are going though so much of it that it starts to make your doc suspicious. If he will write you a script for this I don't see why he wouldn't for some good injectable test. He may insist that you try this for a while first though. Another thing, I've used the transdermal stuff in the past and if you have regular contact with a partner (unless the person is also male) no pun intended, it can be an issue. This may be a way to get him to opt for a different form of therapy. My ex was pretty worried about it. I guess the thought of her voice getting deeper didn't appeal to her <-- pun intended!:biglaugh:

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