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Warrior_5B 01-18-2011 10:41 AM

My Cycle experience
Been lifting for many years and just wasnt seeing the results i wanted, part of it was my diet, for the last 3 years ive had a near perfect diet, anyways i heard about the legal stack from complete nutrition(5 deca, halo-zol,optimizer) and thought why not, i also bought cyno-bol to add with the stack, i took a the dosages they said, in the mourning and then at nite with supper, im a mason and in the winter im always layed off for a few months so it was perfect timeing to do it, i went to the gym 2 hours a day everyday during my 4 week cycle, honestly the first 2 weeks i didnt really c no change then boom my chest and arms started to grow, all in all for the money i spent on the stack i was just barely satisfied, i did expect more out of it, When i started i weighed 183 when that 4 week cycle ended i weighed 193. my chest did grow 2 inches in size and my arms 1 inch in size(had the trainer at the gym measure me when i started and finished cycle), now i consumed about 250 grams of protein each day( some more never to much less)The guys that sold me the products were acting like i was going to be ripping out of my clothes when through with the cycle, like i said for the money i did expect more, i know theres much hear say on the side effects from everyone, i only expirenced mild aggression from time to time and i couldnt sleep longer than 5 or 6 hours, i did buy there post cycle and took that for about two weeks, im not complaining but that drove my sex drive through the fuckn roof, so now for my 2nd cycle expirence i bought some d-bol, now i did buy some more optimizer to go with it( that helps with liver,prostate and anti estragen), ive only been on dbol for a couple of days now but u difinitley can tell when that stuff is in your system, whatever muscle your working on gets extremly hard and puffs up, so far i like the results its gave me.

I will post my results after my new cycle is complete, i think im only gunna do a 3 mabe 4 week cycle of the d-bol and optimizer and yes i will do a post cycle stack after this as well. i am open for comments or your expirences with these products but not on hearing crap or ya butchering what i said, i know everyones expirences r different because all our body chemistrys r different, thank you.

Warrior_5B 02-08-2011 07:36 AM

Part 2
Alright guys i finished up my cycle of d-bol,optizmizer and im not still not sure what to think and this is why, i took dbol and op. for 3 weeks, i started the first couple of days takin 2 dbol pills in mourning and 1 at night, then went up more and more over the next days and weeks, at the last few days of takin i was consuming 5 pills of dbol in the mourning and 1 still at night,now during this i was lifting more weight and feeling great, i stopped and started my post cycle right away, ok now this is straight from the heart guys,over the next few days i became just feelin weak, i COULDNT lift as much and got tired at the gym much faster than before. i can see why guys can abuse this stuff because when you have this feeling all you want to do is do more or start up again, i did loose a little weight after stoppin the cycle but not much, ive continued to eat well and hit the protein shakes hard after workouts, it really took me a 6 or 7 days to get over that weak feelin after dropping dbol, that was one of the worst feelings ive gone through(very,very not cool), i probley wont cycle again till next winterwhen im off again so i can devote all time needed to complete my goals.

i do have a question for you guys though has anyone tried anodrol from legal limit labs, im thinkin about using that next time with my stack,please let me know on expirences and sides thanks

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