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jizzmasterzero 05-19-2005 08:51 AM

Need some advice
Ive been aorking out for about 4 years now the first two years was alot of cardio because I was pretty fat. But I think I over did the cardio beacuse now Im about 6' tall 150lbs so i decided to cut off all cardio except maybe 1 mile a week of running. I weight lift 5 times a week and my body fat is between 10 to 12 %. Im looking to gain about 20lbs of muscle. My diet consists of about 160 grams of protien a day through food and shakes, and about half my body weight in carbs. But i just cant seem to put on weight it feels like my bodys just hit the wall. So im considering some anabolics but dont know where to start Id like to do as much research as i can before making a decision on what to buy so everybodys advice would be greatly appreciated and maybe a point in the right direction thanks in advance

Dr X 05-19-2005 12:22 PM

Eat 3000 calories a day with at least 200gms of protein a day, lift heavy and you will gain weight. 300 gms of carbs and 110gms of fat.

jizzmasterzero 05-19-2005 02:08 PM

Thanks for the info. The other question I have is if I do up all my intakes that much will I lose my 6 pack? Im scared to death of getting a gut again.

Dr X 05-19-2005 04:45 PM

That's part of the program. If you want to put on muscle you have to bulk up, some fat will come with it but you can easily lose the extra fat if you are eating cleanly. If your worried about always having a 6 pack you'll never get big. That's why I like to bulk up in the winter months and cut up in the summer.

sdf42450 05-19-2005 04:47 PM

do not quit your cardio... cardio is VERY important to keep your heart healthy. you can cut down on the volume and up the intensity (HIIT) but dropping it all together would probably set you up for some fat gains. cardio is an important (although i hate it) tool to keep your heart/cardiovascular system healthy, keep your insulin sensitivity more inline with your goals making it easier to keep fat off AND gain muscle. its FAR FAR better to burn more and eat more, than to lower your activity level so that you dont' have to eat as much.

Dave876 05-19-2005 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by jizzmasterzero
Thanks for the info. The other question I have is if I do up all my intakes that much will I lose my 6 pack? Im scared to death of getting a gut again.

Jizz this question is highly dependant on a few things ie: You natural genetics(the fat that you were fat before means that typcically you may gain fat a bit easier then others..Also how clean your diet is(honestly take a look at my clean bulking thread so you can understand how to separate macros,and also see WHAT clean foods are about)..Another thing is that I wouldnt NOT cut cardio down to 1 time/week,and instead I would use a few HIIT sessions/week,or some fasted state cardio in first thing in the morning to help keep fat gain to a minimum.....DR.X gave you some good numbers off the top of his head so eat that way with clean foods,and you shouldnt gain too much fat..

One more thing to consider, this is why there are such things as bulking phases,and cutting phases.You MUST realized then when you're putting on size you're going to put on a bit of fat as well,but fear not because you can always cut later to bring out your gard earned muscle.

jizzmasterzero 05-20-2005 08:20 AM

sweet thanks for the warm welcome to a noob. Great Advice

apocalypse 05-20-2005 10:47 PM

You said u were fat before, what was ur initial body weight?? I do not know if u are aware, ur body mass index score is only 20.3, which means that u should be able to gain hell of a lot of weight just by eating right. If u are trying to gain weight, up ur carbs, if u are only eating 75 grams of carbs, ur body is going to burn most of the protein that u eat for energy. Dont even consider using sauce until u get to atleast 24 point mark on the BMI at ur current bf.

scottjordan 05-25-2005 03:29 AM

can anyone out there give me some advice. i am 23 y.o. , 225 lbs --fairly lean. have worked out for many years. i try to do one cycle per year. this year i am going to do test and deca for 12 weeks. do i need to take an anti-estrogen or any drug like clomid or clenbuterol?

Darkhorse 05-25-2005 03:36 AM

I don't use gear, but I'm a million percent sure that you need an anti-e!!
I also recommend some type of liver protectant because I heard that deca is esp. toxic on your liver. Wait for Apoc and SDF, they know more than most.

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