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sdf42450 03-07-2005 10:48 PM

i wanna hear first hand info...

doses, duration of "cycle", sides, results (muscle gains/fatloss),etc

did you stack it with anything?

Snachito 03-09-2005 09:38 PM

I don't know sdf, but any product that people use and say you better have a bathroom nearby, is not for me!

sdf42450 03-11-2005 05:50 PM

yeah, one of the benefits of PGF2a is that you'll never suffer from constipation :eek:

Snachito 03-12-2005 08:49 AM

LOL! I think I may need some of this right now!

apocalypse 03-30-2005 04:36 PM

What in the world are you all talking about??

Fpot66 03-31-2005 10:02 AM


What in the world are you all talking about??
I would love to know too.


Snachito 03-31-2005 08:11 PM

Let me see if I can find a link later, so you guys can see what this stuff does.

apocalypse 04-01-2005 02:40 PM

I cant wait to read up on that stuff.

Snachito 04-01-2005 05:48 PM

Alright, here is the some info on PGF2a:
Is PGF2A for me?

by Easto on premiermuscle

Well, this is one of them, created by Ranger from Elite Fitness. This is a great article covering a lot of topics on PGF2A, a product that doesn't have too much information on it. Like insulin and growth hormone, this is not for beginners, and as you read, you will understand why. Thank you Ranger for the article.

Is PGF2A for me?

Is PGF2A for everyone? Clearly not! Will it work? Yes! In this information, I will try to cover as much as possible about this drug. What I have put together here is based much upon personal experiences…. I feel no report can accurately prepare you for everything…. PGF2A is no exception!

Contributing to this information is Big Brother Val, Ranger, Jeff rys, BigDawg, and E2 for the reports he has sent all of us. I also used some text from Mr. Nobody, and Efigy…. Thank you all for your patience!

I'll try to add some humor from time to time to keep this as dull free as possible….so bear with me.

PGF2A and Anabolism.

Many studies have demonstrated an anabolic effect of PGF2A in skeletal muscles of both humans and animals. Paradoxically, PGF2A usage is still reserved to a bodybuilding elite and no one is willing to divulge the precious secret edge. One of the most remarkable effects of PGF2A is that it mediates the major part of the anabolic effects of insulin. By using PGF2A, you can use far less insulin and get a far stronger muscle building effect.

Is PGF2A safe?

The answer is clearly no, but neither is the use of steroids, insulin, clenbuterol, etc. By the way, PGF2A is invisible at any drug test. What kind of side effects to expect? The first ones -- if we except the elevation of temperature -- are that it will empty your guts of whatever they contain. So make sure you have unrestricted use of a bathroom. This is going to last around 20 minutes. What you do not want is to inject PGF2A into a vein! Learn to do the aspiration test. PGF2A is to be injected intramuscularly with an insulin needle if you are lean enough. This is going to hurt like hell and for a very long time (up to an hour) if you inject into a vein. You also may feel as if you had some kind of cold in your throat. It is due to the vasoconstriction effect PGF2A has in your lungs. Vomiting is a reported side effect but I have never heard of it in men.

PGF2A is not to be confused with steroids.

You've probably realized by now that PGF2A produces growth in a radically different way from steroids -- although I do not exclude that part of the anabolic actions of androgens are mediated by a local release of PGF2A. The way PGF2A should be used is therefore radically different from that of androgens. Steroid use is rather comfortable. You inject or swallow them occasionally and wait for the growth to occur. This is not the case with PGF2A. Their main drawback is precisely their difficulty of administration. Steroids once injected survive several days in your body. PGF2A will last only several minutes though their stimulatory actions on anabolism will be far longer lasting (hours). It means that frequent injections are compulsory. Ideally, this would be five times per day, 30 minutes after meals.
You will also notice that once you have injected PGF2A, the muscle, which received it, gets sore almost immediately. If the muscle was already sore from training, that painful sensation may become very intense. You definitely do not want to repeat injections at the very same location, hence the necessity for rotation. Similarly, you will notice that you cannot inject in a muscle and then train this muscle. PGF2A is algesic (a pain mediator). Therefore, the timing of injections is key. You should wait for at least 2 to 3 days after you have trained a muscle to inject it. Then you will have to wait for 24 hours before training this muscle. If your muscle is already sore, I advise against using it as a site of injection as long as it hurts.
You will also learn that it is more comfortable to hit the outer part of the muscle than the inner part. For example, it is less painful to hit the outer head of the triceps than the inner head that touches your lats. Some bodyparts such as the biceps, the back, etc. are especially sensitive to the pain sensation PGF2A will induce.

The personals!!!

This section will contain a lot of personal experiences, and side effects with this new drug…I hope it will shed some light on the questions most of you may have.

Big Brother Val!

Pumps are INSANE! In addition, Val, as the rest of us will agree; needed the unrestricted use of the bathroom…Does it hurt? In Val's words, " This sh*t is awesome…Hurts like fucking hell!" As Val stayed with the injections, and SLOWLY increased the dosage, I got a report from him at the 2-week point of the cycle.

Injections and dosages varied, but I will relate this as Val told it, " Hitting the arms 12 times a day….3 in each Biceps, 3 in each Triceps, for a total of 6cc's a day. I am being burned out on injecting myself so often, especially in the Biceps.
The pain is reducing now, and I do not feel sick. Still get shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest each time. There is a visible difference in growth thus far, and my body fat has dropped significantly."

As you can see, and most of us will agree, the injections become a major burden to deal with, the benefit though, is the visible growth all of us have seen…it is a very hard choice. This was taken off the Elitefitness Board as one of Big Brother Val's Post's!

I was injecting my arms 4 times a week. It went like this:
Sun:..shoot/arms...... lift/rest
Mon:..shoot/shoulders..lift/arms, pump/chest
Tues:Shoot/shoulders..lift/back, pump/shoulders
Thurs.shoot/arms.......lift/chest, pump/arms
Fri:Shoot/arms.......lift/shoulders, pump/calves
Then repeat.
I've switched it up a bit, and have found a lot better response... in a matter of a few days, I have new stretch marks starting on my tri's... and my arms have never felt so full.
Now my lifting schedule is the same. However, I switched up the dosage on PGF2A. I read in the articles by Dharkam that you should shoot 24 hours before training a muscle... then wait 2 days after that to shoot it again. Maybe even three days if you train hard enough. I personally have found that if I shoot the muscle group the same day I train it... that my lifts go better... my pumps are absolutely incredible... and I keep my pump a lot longer, as well as feel more pumped the next couple of days.
Now I follow this schedule:
Sun:Shoot/arms...... lift/rest
Mon:Shoot/ARMS.......lift/arms, pump/chest
Tues:Shoot/shoulders..lift/back, pump/shoulders
Thurs.shoot/arms.......lift/chest, pump/arms
Fri:Shoot/SHOULDERS.......lift/shoulders, pump/calves
Then repeat.
It's only a switch of two days... but for my personal results it's really working great. On arm day, I take six cc's throughout the day. I will up the dosage coming up next week, and see how that goes. My side effects are gone... besides the odd feeling in the chest... and the intense muscle pain.
Just thought I would give an update for those interested in this.

I have just come off a Sustanon, Eq. cycle... and will be doing a cycle of test, Eq, and Dbol after my PGF2A run. The pain sucks, absolutely. However, I want to focus on my arms and deltas, so they can catch up. A lot harder to do on regular gear.
My poundage's are definitely affected. Not nearly as dramatic as stated in that article, though. I was curling 65 lb. dumbbells for eight reps before I started this. Now I'm curling 45 lb. dumbbells and hoping for eight. The pump is insane.
One of the great things, is that you can REALLY feel the muscle working. Really, helps to focus on that muscle group and feel it work throughout the entire range of motion. The pain factor is intense... and the muscle REALLY burns bad while training it. More so when you shoot on the same day you train it. That feeling isn't as intense if you stop shooting that muscle 24 hours before you train it.
I'm never sore after a workout the following day, but hot damn am I sore after each shot.

Well.... the muscle pain you experience is INTENSE!! Right now for example... I hit arms on my lunch break... (got the most incredible pump I have EVER had, by the way), came back, and shot in the bathroom. My arms hurt so badly right now, I can't explain it. Can't bend 'em very well, or straighten them all the way....
I have a tight feeling in the chest...
Nevertheless, GODDAMN!!! This is the biggest my arms have EVER looked!!
I literally cannot put on the shirt I was wearing before break... it won't stretch enough to fit on my arms!!

Jeff rys!

After 4 to 5 weeks of PGF2A injections, Jeff reported the following to me.
" I'm doing 8 shots a day at .5cc. Left Biceps, Right Biceps would equal one full cc.
I am fed up with the numerous injections, and if I can overcome being fed up with the needle, I will inject more.
As for the results, ½ on arms when flexed. I did shoulders as well, and they are thicker. I did some injecting in the abs, by pulling the skin up, and injecting. The site turned red, in a spot of around 3 square inches. I am now injecting into the muscle of the abs, but this is dangerous because you may pass through and hit an organ. I only inject abs once a week, and the site gets thick, as if a vein is irritated. It is not a vein, but it feels like it. I have dropped 11 pounds, and everyone says how good I look…. I tried lower back, and chest as well, not much results, but I think it works best if you inject in the same spot a lot more. I feel it's a good alternative to steroids…But, I don't know how safe it is."

PGF2A and weak bodyparts.

The cardinal rule of PGF2A is to inject as far away as possible from the
Intestine. You see, PGF2A induces a very strong contraction of the
Intestine and the bladder (both smooth muscles). The major candidate as
A site of injection was the front shoulder. But by repeating injections in
The shoulders, bodybuilders soon ended up with grossly overdeveloped
Front delt's. They looked like walking monkeys. The rest of their body was
Growing too, but not as fast as the muscles closest to the sites of

What this means is that if you want to develop a weak muscle, just inject PGF2A locally and watch! The muscle grows. We are talking about a real muscle growth and not an artificial swelling like Synthol or Esiclene would induce. Calves are a muscle of choice. In fact,
even if your calves failed To grow no matter how much training you administered, PGF2A will
solve your problem. After a single cycle of PGF2A, unresponsive calves start to respond, even if they never did before!

The localized growth induced by PGF2A may appear magical, but there is a simple explanation. The life cycle of the injected PGF2A is terribly short (minutes). Most of it will .Be destroyed in your lungs. If you hit your right calf for example, this muscle will be exposed to a maximal concentration of PGF2A. As the prostaglandin rapidly leaks out of the calf and passes into the blood, it will quickly reach the lungs where most of it will be destroyed. What is left of the PGF2A will be dispatched evenly though you're whole body. It means that the other muscles will be exposed to far less of the anabolic effects of PGF2A. So unless you want to make a weak point grow, you should rotate the sites of injections frequently which as we will see is not a problem.

Let us continue with other personal experiences!


Okay, here's my info:
1/2 cc in both body parts (1cc total)at a time.
biceps morning, triceps noon, delt's night.
This is my third day.
About 5 min. after injection stinging in bodypart.
About 10 min. after injection coughing and "weird feeling" in my lungs, numb lips, intense waves of pain in the body part injected.
About 20-30 min. after injection slight to moderate urge to sh*t, not that bad though, no running to bathroom. One 1/2 - two hours after injection all bad sides are gone. Pleasant pump/pain in bodypart.
I am noticing a big difference already!
Oh yea! I almost forgot, major chills and feeling VERY cold about 10 min. after and lasts about 30 min.

(continued) The system didn't let me fit it all in one post!

Snachito 04-01-2005 05:49 PM

BIGDAWG(From Muscle Max..Moderator/Regular of Elitefitness)

What's up guys.. as we speak, I'm on my first dose of PGF2A. It was a little fucked up how it happened so I will just explain from the beginning. I decided to try the DMSO method first. I guess I am just curious like that. I put 1/4 of a cc on each gauze pad and some DMSO gel. I had my wife tape the sh*t to my shoulders and I waited. It got warm, and I was light- headed as well. I felt weird once it was absorbing and the DMSO gets warm! I'm not sure if its that or the PGF2A, but whatever. I did 1/4 of a cc because I just wanted to test it out a little. Well, after having it on there for like 30 minutes, I said f**k it, loaded another one up with 1/4 cc, and put them on my bicep's. Therefore, as I am typing this I have the pads on both areas and I am heating up rather warm. From what my boy tells me, the gel takes a little while to absorb, so I am giving it some time. I will say, my biceps's feel much-pumped right now. Kinda cool. He also told me, what he noticed was with the DMSO, its like a more "all around" growth, where as with the pin, its like a peak growth. Not all around means the whole body. It means the whole muscle you put it on. He explained to me how the vessel's work, this dudes like a medical student, so I trust him. f**k I gotta sh*t. Hang on! Ok I am back. Goddamn did not even see that one coming! OK I just took off the deltoid pads; it has been almost an hour now. Well it looks like a big ass rash on my deltoids now. In addition, its WARM. The biceps's are still kicking full force now. I think the dose is the thing that determines the whole sh*t your pants thing and all just hope I get some results. My biceps are pumped! In addition, my veins are coming out like crazy from my BI's on down. Well, I am gonna go for now. Next time I will try the inject. f**k, I can't wait for that sh*t!

Okay, after reading over the Ranger's e-mail to me a couple of times I said f**k it and got up the balls to do it. I don't know why, but I was like, REALLY thinking it was going to be BAD. So after some prepping and all I had my wife stick my delts. When she injected, I didn't feel sh*t..nothing. In fact, I almost thought my sh*t was then I got light a paint high. Then I felt a little soreness in the sites. I was waiting for the other sides and I got a couple cramps in the stomach and that was about it. Now please keep in mind, I get explosive shits all the time. I think my body was laughing at the PGF2A, McDonalds is worse. hehe
As time went on, I began to get more sore.. Like I had did a BIG set of laterals I guess. Once the soreness starts, the short breath came. Not too bad though. I only felt it when I TRIED to breathe in hard. After that all sets in, nothing else happened. I coughed a few times but that's it. If this is what's its like, then I shouldn't have a problem with this. Not for the results, it's supposed to give.

Ranger's right on this one.. after everything I read, I was waiting for it to be PURE HELL, but this is not the case. I will now retract my statement about the taking a sh*t part. I had a FULL stomach on my last inject, in fact I had just eaten a mcflurry well, at first I got a little rumble down there so I grabbed my favorite car audio magazine and went to town. The rumble was followed by some NASTY unloading, lets just say I made a swamp. f**k it though, I felt lean as a mofo once it was over! the burning/pain part isn't sh*t, on the delts at least, I'm sure the BI's would be worse but I'm not worried about it. I guess I was thinking it would be like REAL bad, but it's not. As for injecting, I've sort of came up with my own little schedule. I figure this week I want to hit triceps and shoulders. So, one-day ill do my tri's twice and shoulders once, then the next day ill change that around. This way they are getting hit twice one day and once the next day. I can't think of another way to do it without injecting like way more. The injects aren't bad at all, I could stand it like 5 times a day, but I don't have the time to take that many 45 min shits.

Ranger, man my fucking lips get numb now! LOL the good thing is, I'm getting used to the sides now, and they don't bother me. It did bother me last night when my wife hit a nerve in my tricep. Here is a list of my experience so far..
1. the inject, no pain unless she hits the nerve.. ouch
2. slight sting on injection spot
3. begin to feel warm.. a little dizzy
4. get small cramps in stomach
5. sites get a little more sore
6. lips numb
7. HUGE sh*t, liquid
8. everything goes away.. chills sometimes.
That's it.. it all lasts about 20-30 minutes for me and I'm done. I do this sh*t on my lunch break now. Once one side hits, another goes away. PGF2A is not painful, it's fucking annoying. It sucks to have to feel that way three times a day, that's why it sucks.


Well, I guess you could say I was a little more experimental in my use with PGF2A. I wanted to see how far I could take it, and what happened, and what I could do to minimize the side effects without hindering the growth process……Well, I don't have all the answers to this one. I do know it takes dedication, as Val has showed us, and you will have to endure some pretty nasty sides from time to time….bottom line!!! The choice is yours, and yours alone!!

I started out at 2.5mg's per bicep twice a day from the start. I experienced all of the aforementioned sides….Breathing, numb lips, diarrhea, hypoglycemia, muscle pain….the list goes on. However, in 2 weeks my arms grew ½ inches…doesn't sound like much? It's permanent growth…that's good! I did get pretty cocky at the end of the 2nd week and decided to inject calves…I injected 1cc per muscle, per leg, for a total of 4cc's or 20mg's. My GOD was the pain intense!! I couldn't walk for 30 minutes, Breathing was labored, lips completely numb, mucous in my throat, and when the diarrhea came, I had to crawl to the bathroom. I was laughing and wanting to cry at the same time, but I made it(barely)!

I will say this now…UP THE DOSAGE SLOWLY!!! How much? I cannot give you the answers to that, everyone will be different. BIGDAWG'S side effects are no where near that of Val', Jeff, and mine. However, take it slowly!

I decided to try a very strict diet to see the effects…I only had 100 grams of Carbohydrates per day, all before lunch…low fat. The third day into this diet I was getting added side effects….light headed, headaches, cold chills, shaky. I checked my blood sugar levels the fourth day after my morning injection….49mg/dl. Yup, Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar). I quickly drank some orange juice, protein shake, and ate some Gram Crackers…the sides quickly subsided. I even made a Doctor's Appt. To have this checked further…everything came out fine…nothing!
Here's what I found to work best for me…around 1 hour before injection, have a bowl of oatmeal, and a small protein shake. After your injection, and the sides(diarrhea) have subsided, eat 3 tablets of Glucose(chewable orange flavored…yummy&#33, and have a large protein shake. You can buy these over the counter and is a great sugar free Carb Booster!! This worked great for me!! I found out, and all who are using this will agree…I have become leaner than I ever have!! As my body fat dropped, my arms and calves continued to grow, as did the rest of my body. Only at a slower pace.

INJECTIONS SUCK!! You wanna grow?? Get used to the idea!! I use 28 or 29-gauge 1 inch Insulin pins. Works great Bro's! After three weeks, and all will once again agree, you will get needle phobia…heh heh heh…! That's where we come to the next section….PGF2A and DMSO!!

These are some do's and don'ts I think is important:
1. Do up the dosage slowly!
2. Do take your time injecting!
3. Do have access to a restroom!
4. Do make sure the injection site is clean!

1. Don't inject into the ab's, lower back, forearms, and trap's(personal experience on this one)! I know Jeff rys is doing this with no lasting side effects, but I feel it is unsafe at best!
2. Don't get PGF2A near your wife or girlfriend! It can be absorbed through the skin, and will cause cramps, bleeding…etc. In women…Never get it near a woman that is pregnant!
3. Don't use this blindly…do all available research…then decide!

I will in the coming weeks try another little experiment of my own. I will mix the PGF2A with DMSO and Yohimbe for spot fat reduction, and hopefully, localized growth! If anyone has tried this, or heard of anyone who has. Please post the information, and results…Thanks!!


Prompted by BIGDAWG'S experiment, and my sudden lack of interest in injections<sniff> <sniff>!! I decided to conduct a few experiments of my own with DMSO and PGF2A…My conclusion…Injections work better, but DMSO is a welcome break!!

I would spread DMSO on a 4 inch by 4-inch gauze pad, squirt ½ cc per pad, and then tape it to my Pectorals. I left it there for approximately 30 minutes. Sides were minimal at best…Somewhat heavy breathing, light headed, site becomes very warm, and once you pull the gauze off, you may see a slight rash(it will leave quickly). The site becomes rather pumped, and in the case of my Biceps, I noticed an increase in Vascularity.

Now, once I pulled the gauze off my chest. I went straight to the gym. I worked my chest in a normal fashion. I became much more pumped!! I could even tell in the mirror. I did three sets of cable crossovers…MY GOD…It was Intense…veins everywhere!! For the next two days, my chest was crushed!! It felt good to be that sore again. Tried it again the same way the next week, no where near the same pump, or after effects!! For Biceps, I upped the dosage to 1 cc per pad, per Bicep. I achieved a good pump, and increased Vascularity. I feel you have to up the dosage a lot quicker with the DMSO method to achieve max results. Nevertheless, that is only my opinion…if anyone else has tried this method in more depth, please post the time and results!!

In this report, I have only tried to give as much personal experience as possible. Again, not much is known about PGF2A, so take it slow. I had a GTT test done..all results were negative. I have been on for 5 weeks now. I hope this has answered many your questions, but it doesn't answer them all!! You have to decide Brother's…Is PGF2A for me?? Maybe yes, maybe no!! But, it is for Ole Ranger!!! Cause, It's All Good!!

Many thanks to all those who have ventured into he unknown with this new drug, and have shared the experience!!

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