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ba0412 10-27-2009 11:54 AM

questions on test-p
Ok i got a few questions to ask some of you veterans. first some stats im 25 210lbs and 6'1. ive been lifting since i was 13 on and off been lifting the last 3 years solid. diet is good 4k plus cal lots of protein and my training is good ( take my word for it i dont feel like listing all my routines) And i have done test e (500mg a week 12 weeks) and dbol(20mg daily for first 4 weeks) over the last 2 winters while trying to bulk. I want to do another bulk cycle combined with a powerlifting routine so goals are strength/weight gain. i was thinking on using test-p as i just dont want it in my system for up to 9 months since i now have a job that does random drug tests(not for gear but i just dont want it around forever) i dont think im going to stack it with anything so i was wondering what yall's gains have been like with test-p. how painful are the injections and what dose do you think? im thinking 100mg eod or maybe ed not sure yet, for 8 to 10 weeks. also would like to know how much gains can be kept from test-p as ive heard you keep very little. i know alot of this has to do with pct and diet afterward (nolvadex was my pct before btw). so now questions on pct, what do you guys think of arimidex or femara? i dont know too much about it like when to take it and what dose(.25-1mg?) and should i still have nolvadex on hand? Ive also been looking at HCG but dont think i can get my hands on it but would like more info on it for future reference. Also what do you guys think about OTC stuff like cycle support by anabolic innovations or something similar? i really want to get the pct down for this cycle. ok guys sorry this turned into a long post but any help would be great :)

adren 12-05-2009 12:29 PM

Nothing wrong with test prop cycle only, and you can make good gains with it at 100mg - 150 mg e/o/d. I've had prop by itself before and it stings like a bitch. I like to mix it with something like eq, deca or primo.

Dr X 01-15-2010 02:03 PM

No difference between Test E and Test Prop other then how many injections you need to take and how fast it is in and out of your system. E is just a longer ester and P shorter. Test P is out in 3 days generally where test is is 2 weeks. So if you go P your injecting more often. It won't make much of a difference how far down the road they can detect it either way.

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