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Pituitary 02-04-2008 02:41 AM

Some questions about my PCT
Age : 30
Height : 5.7
Weight : 12 Stone or 168 lbs
Body fat% Unkown - Quite Lean
Training history - 5 Years
Cycle history - This is third injectable cycle
Goals - As much muscle as possible

Planning on third bulking cycle, which is as follows

Day 1
500mg -> 2ml Sustanon (Frontload)

Weeks 1 - 10
125mg -> .5ml Sustanon Mon, Wed, Frid, Sun = 500mg p/w

Weeks 11 - 13
Mdien 3 x 4mg ED (While androgens drop)

Weeks 1 - 13
Aromasin 25 EOD or ED???

My Plan for PCT (3 weeks after last shot)

Weeks 14 - 17
Aromasin 25 ED or EOD???
Nolvadex 40mg Day 1 - 20mg ED Thereafter

Now here for my questions. Was contemplating whether to use Aromsin or Arimidex. I am prone to gyno as I developed a small lump under the nipple whilst using Dianabol, which has gone now. My last cycle I used letro but did not use the full 1ml @ 2.5mg but only used half of this EOD. The lump started to return so I upped it to 1ml ED and it went again.

I do not want to suppress to much estrogen for obvious reasons but need to be careful that it does not return so here are my questions :-

1. With the above in mind would Aromasin be better suited than Arimidex
2. Should I start the Aromasin a few days before my first inj or just at the same time
3. Is using it EOD whilst on cycle enough or should I use it ED
4. Conversely is ED necessary for PCT or is EOD enough.
5. In a forum regarding PCT it states "Why not nolva? Superdrol and pheraplex are progestins which means that means that nolva can cause or make existing gyno worse." Since MDien is also a Progestin should I switch to CLOMID without the Nolvadex?

I appologise if these questions have been answered before but I cannot find a post that addresses this in this detail. Appreciate any comments, advise on how this can be improved or changed.

Pituitary 02-04-2008 02:47 AM

Forgot to include during PCT

1.5g of Tribulus
Product X (Contains Ecdysterone)
Clenbuterol 100mcg ED

and doing the following supps throughout cycle
Red Yeast Rice
Coenzyme Q10
Lipo Carm - ALA, Acetyl-LCarnatine
Spirulina (Whole Food Algae)

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