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The IronBull 05-26-2007 09:01 AM

Hey Bros,
Just wanted to let everyone know S'up with the Iron Bull.

Myself and my family were involved in a car accident about 10 days ago.

I got recently got out of the hospital with a broken collarbone, broken arm in 2 places, and a fucked up back (like the medical terms? LOL)

If you have sent me an email......I have tons of emails to go through but I will get to you. Or you can just resend....I will be working my way down from the top.

Anyways......have no worries, its all good.

Kane 05-26-2007 10:13 AM

Fuck man, I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you and your family a speedy recovery.

TALO 05-26-2007 10:47 AM

That's sucks man, but I glad everyone is ok...

The IronBull 05-27-2007 06:33 PM

Thanks Bros....means a lot.

hrdgain81 05-29-2007 08:47 AM

dam IB thats rough, i hope you and your fam are all healed up soon. best wishes big guy.

Prane 06-11-2007 04:43 AM

hope everythin works out good with you and your family, best of luck ;/

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