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odom311 08-07-2012 11:18 PM

test 400/tri tren 150
ok first off im 29 years old...260lbs,6'1 and i have 20 mls of each i was just wanting some input (advice ) on how should i run this
this is my 2nd cycle....ive been lifting weights for atleast 12 years

my first cycle was just test around 4 months ago .im ready for bigger and better , and i do put in work at the gym

this is what i have came up with after looking around

test 400 mon/thrus 1ml for ten weeks so 2cc a week 1-10 weeks
tri tren 150 eod at 1 ml or a half ml 1-6 weeks

i also i have winny on hand not sure if i should add that to it or not tords the end of the cycle ...

any addvice would be nice !!!

i also have clomid and nova for pct but was told not to use nova , and it dont mix well will the tri tren

soMeee 09-16-2012 09:03 AM

you dont need to take win. at the start of your cycle, because tren will help you gain a very quality lean muscles, so try to take win. at the last 3-4 weeks of yor cycle. take one tablet of Provirone (25mg) each day during your course to provide a constant test. concentration in the blood and to optimize the results of your course. dont forget to take Nolv. or Aremidix , Femara if you feel estrogin S/E.

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