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glhman222 07-05-2008 04:35 PM

What to take
Hello, I've been around here for a while looking, not posting and been reading up but cant seem to get a straight answer, (sorry if this doesnt belong here) i am looking for a pill to take, ive looked into HGH and the results looks promising but there are so many different ones with many different price ranges that i have no idea what to choose, ive also looked into other things but still am weary about actually purchasing one as they may not work or have unwanted side effects, im looking for a pill that makes me stronger, and more energetic ive let myself go for a year and have gained 30 lbs before that i was really in shape ive started working out recently and been replacing all other drinks with water as best as i can and trying to eat less food and better food more often with less big meals, im 160 lbs and i got 30 lbs of flab lol the doctor said that i am in the 80 percent of my weight for my height on that little chart they have, anyway im looking for a pill that will basically make me stronger, any help is appreciated, thank you

Ross86 07-05-2008 08:45 PM

If you have already read the stickies (and I assume you haven't), then just stick with it. You don't want anabolics now with so little experience. The gains wouldn't be worth the side effects. Your diet and training aren't in order. If there was just some pill that people could take to get stronger, then they would if it was worthwhile. Post your diet and routine and make a commitment to improving those. If after a couple of years you still want to try anabolics, then educate yourself and decide at that point. Right now, if you get your shit together then you'll have the same gains that you could with steroids. If you took HGH, you wouldn't do well. Post your diet & routine if you're serious.

slayer of souls 07-05-2008 10:06 PM

There are no shortcuts. Its all hard work.

glhman222 07-06-2008 08:49 AM

Thanks for the reply,
Well my diet usually consists of cereal in the morning (peanut butter crunch), then at lunch time i usually have a grilled cheese sandwich or tuna sandwich with light mayo, then if i get hungry il eat some crackers or a peach or plum, and for dinner I usually have a vegetable, a meat and a starch when I'm thirsty i drink water and i don't take any supplements right now because i ran out of designer whey and haven't gotten a chance to go get more after a few weeks of this i have felt a lot better and not so lazy and just like fat but more energetic and happy

My "weight training" consists of a lot of upper body stuff, bench, curl 61 lbs, military bench, clean pulls, then i do squats and dead lifts then i do 2 sets of 25 crunches and i usually go to sleep after, i do this at around 10:30 so i don't think i am getting much gain from this or if im at my peak strength of the day, i do belong to a gym but i don't have a way to get there most of the time so its a waste, before when i had protein i would take it when i woke up, before the workout and then before i went to bed (1 cup mixed with water) i know your supposed to have a PWO nutrition but its just what the can said, so i figured i would follow what it said my max bench is around 160 and i cant squat much or dead lift much because all my life when i worked out all i did was upper body

and im 16 if you haven't figured out from my typing

Ross86 07-06-2008 09:16 AM

Read the stickies in the nutrition and training forums.

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