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richarde19 02-24-2009 03:19 AM

Which cycle at 40?
Hello, I'm a new user to this site. Hoping to get some good advice on doing an 8 to 10 week cycle after about a decade without using. I've been training for the past 20 years, boxing and team sports in the younger days and then into weight training and BB later on. I've noticed over the past five years that I tend not to gain anymore, rather just maintain. I have a fair bit of knowledge on nutrition and how to train etc, so Im putting it down to the process of getting older and my body being less responsive. I've used winny and d'bol previously when I was a kid. Used Primo and winny when I was about 29 and in both cases only did a couple of 8 week cycles with about 8 weeks rest between. I got great results during the first cycles, though I was only around 22 at the time and had plenty of natural growing left. The 2nd time was a great boost at a time when I had become stagnant. Well, I'm happy with my 100kg at 185cm with 21% body fat, especially at 40years, however, I would like another booster to tke me through the next 5.

Any ideas? Personally I have always like the idea of using anavar with something........maybe sus or dec???


mad matt 02-24-2009 03:48 AM

Well to begin with you need to get your body fat % below 15%. The reason for this is that at your age or any age, high blood preasure is a high risk factor. No good doing a cycle or training if your going to have a heart attack. If and when you do a cycle i would stick to a test only, not sus or dec, even though sus is a combination of tests. Look at test c/e, you should also look at running the test for between 10/16 weeks to feel the full benifits. You also need to research pct ( clomid and Nolvadex) as you will need both, with an ai on hand for gyno... But for god sake get your bf down first...

richarde19 02-24-2009 05:53 AM

My body fat is on the way down anyway and should be down to 17 or so pretty soon. Ive never even considered and of the tes before due to the high side effects it was supposed to have. I'll do some research on the site and see how others cycle it etc. Cheers mate.

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