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compudude86 11-01-2012 01:45 PM

back again... this time heavier
alright, last time I was here, I was hitting between 260-265. Since then, I went through a few life changes (no excuse I know), some financial issues, and started hanging around the kitchen at work for food. for 3 weeks, 6 days a week, I had a burger every night. a week or so ago, I weighed myself, and saw 280. :gay: so now I am back on the diet, cut off the burger supply, except for mcdonalds three times last week (I know, but its better than the huge 3/4lb burgers covered in cheese and bacon I was taking in at work daily). cut off soda, only had one serving this week and none last week, also increased water intake. I managed to drop 5 lbs, now I am at give or take 275. my problem is I plateau at about 265(hydrated)-260(dry). I hope to lose 75-80lbs, with a target weight of 200. I also got 4 bottles of raspberry ketones for a fair price, I remember reading about these in my previous supplementing research. I also have two bottles of xenadrine ripped (PE free), this worked ok a while back, but I was trying to use them on no sleep, and got a very "tyler durden"-ish effect from the higher caffeine on no sleep so I had to stop temporarily.

I have started the raspberry ketones, and I am starting the xenadrine ripped back up, but I am for a while at least, going to stay on the 2 capsules a day option, which seems sane, compared to the 6 capsules a day they expect you to ramp to by the end of the week that made me crazy. maybe if that works out I will try the 4 capsules a day.

So, my golden question, what should I be eating? I have quite a few options for food at work, I have chicken breast, salad, ground beef, etc. but I don't know what would work best with my choice of supplements. high fat low carb? low fat high carb? I'm lost.

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