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erikag 02-23-2007 05:00 AM

Carb Cycling diet! Please Respond!
Diet Plans Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Meal #1:
Half a grapefruit, six egg whites
A high quality multi vitamin / mineral supplement
One tablespoon flax seed oil
Tea, no sugar.
Meal #2:
A good quality protein shake about 300 calories, myoplex light.
Meal #3:
Tuna or white meat chicken, or turkey breast mixed in a salad with any types of peppers, mushrooms, onions, carrots, celery, cucumber, etc..
Meal #4:
A good quality protein shake about 300 calories.
Meal #5:
Any type of grilled fish, preferrably Salmon, or chicken breast or turkey breast and 1 cup of mixed vegetables.
Meal #6:
Half a protein shake about 150 calories.
Consume about 110 ounces of water, most of it between meals rather than with meals.
Diet Plans Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Meal #1:
Egg white omelette with spinach and mushrooms,
1 cup of oatmeal.
Take a high-quality multi vitamin / mineral supplement.
One tablespoon flax seed oil.
Meal #2:
Turkey breast meat on whole-grain pita bread with spinach .
Meal #3:
Tuna, white meat chicken, or turkey breast.
sweet potato, or brown rice and salad.

Meal #4:
A good quality protein shake about 300 calories.
half banana.
Take three low-sodium rice cakes.
Meal #5:
Tuna, white meat chicken, or turkey breast.
Baked potato, sweet potato, or brown rice.
Meal #6:
Half a protein shake about 150 calories.
Consume about 90 ounces of water, most of it between meals.

Is this okay for now. I'm a 5'9 198lb female looking to cut bf.

TALO 02-23-2007 06:32 AM

Looks good to me...I think you would cut with this. Are you going to be following a workout program with cardio ?

hrdgain81 02-23-2007 07:21 AM

What kind of carb cycling are you planning on? CKD, TKD, perhaps your own? Either way

More important then your meal by meal break down is your over all macro counts per day, and how many days you go between carb ups. How you set this up will depend alot on how your body deals with carbs.

Going off the assumption that you are a lot like me, and your body is very carb sensitive, you will want to slowly back your carbs down from your normal intake, till your around 100-150g aday. As you go you can adjust accordingly to what your body is telling you.

I wouldnt go more then 7 days before you have a carb up day, and I would definately throw in a depletion workout the morning of your carb up.

Have you done any carb cycling before? If not some things to watch out for:

You will feel grogy and sluggish for the first few days before your body gets used to being in ketosis. This will pass with time.

It may take a while for your body to make the conversion to ketones, the best way to speed the process, IMO, is to help clear blood glucose using a sesamin product.

After you have reached your goals, your body will no longer be used to burning carbs, you will need to ramp your carb intake back up slowly or you will begin to store glucose again righ off the bat.

erikag 02-23-2007 07:21 AM


My workout Schedule is:

Mon/Thurs Lower Body 12 10 8

Leg Press
Leg ext
Hack Squats
Lying leg Curls
Calf Raises

Tues/Fri Upper Body 12 10 8

Tricep Pressdowns
Hammer Curl
Ez Bar Curl
Chest flyes
Chest Press
Lat pull downs
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Lat Raises

MWF- 30 min Elliptical am & Gym class on mon & wed
TRS- HIIT 20 min & 20 min Elliptical Am & Basketball pm

Hanging Knee Raises 3x12 MWF
Reverse Crunches 3x15 MWF
Decline Crunch w twist 3x15 MWF
Side bends 3x15 MWF
Crunch Machine 3x12 MWF

erikag 02-23-2007 07:28 AM

It's my own carb cycling diet. As far as the diet goes, I will not be doing any carb up days due to my sensitivity to carbs. I will just eat more complex carbs on the days mentioned above. I have been on carb restricted diets in the past, so I'am used to the sluggish groggy feeling that I will encounter but this time shouldn't be as bad because, I'm not doing low carb everyday.

TALO 02-23-2007 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by hrdgain81 (Post 30470)
More important then your meal by meal break down is your over all macro counts per day, and how many days you go between carb ups.

I agree with this. Also lets say your on 1600 cals (protein/carbs/fat)
when you lower your carbs it's important to raise your protein.

Also I don't know if your going to do protein only days ? but if you do I wouldn't do anymore than 2 in a row. That would mean that you should consume around 1500 cals of protein..

*cals i used are just examples*

hrdgain81 02-23-2007 07:51 AM

oh ok I see what your doing (I missed the high and low carb days).

I'll be honest though, i dont know how well that will work as far as going ketonic. It usually takes between 18 and 24hrs for me to get into ketosis, so with that set up you may not even reach ketosis, which is normally the point of carb cycling.

IMO, you would be much better off with a CKD in which you carb count ends up being between 100-150g a day, with a once weekly carb up at about 300-400g. But thats just me. your set up will undoubtedly show you some fat loss since your cals are going to be so low, but if thats the route your going, why bother adjusting your carb count at all?

EricT 02-23-2007 07:54 AM

Is there a reason that you coming at this from the standpoint of "cutting" rather than losing fat over time? I'm not criticizing the diet since as a cutting diet it will work. But the results could be hard to maintain. Your 5'9" 198 lbs. Are you getting ready for a competitions or something? What are your goal and reasons for doing this?

Cutting is a fast a furious way to slim down for a specific purpose. It's crash dieting. Unless you want to yo-yo around in weigth you may want to choose a way that is centered around a permanant lifestyle change that can be maintained. Because even if you lose it slowly this way as soon as you begin to eat normally you could see a lot of rebound fat deposition. Unless you want to commit to eating this way forever. I don't want to piss people off but cutting is not really a good way for everyone.

Not trying to criticize you just asking some honest quesions. For more sustainable results in terms of fat loss and muscle gain, for most, slow and steady wins the race.

erikag 02-23-2007 08:06 AM

Well I wanted to compete the trifit obstacle course competition in May. It's not a bodybuilding comp, it's just basically an agility course based on stamina and endurance. I have been on the site and saw some of the women who compete and they are in good shape, and I wanted to get my weight down in order to compete better as well as maintain a healthier leaner and stronger body. As far as my diet goes now, I do not plan on eating like all the time, after my cut I planned on just upping my carb intake with more complex carbs as well as my calories to maintain and then go from there. Also to Hrgain response you said it takes you about 18-24 hrs to reach ketosis and you asked me why am I even bothering to carb cycle due to my days but I can still reach ketosis the first three low carb days and as for the next three days I will up the carbs but I'm still eating a bit low for some people don't you think?

EricT 02-23-2007 08:12 AM

^^^^Okay, I'll by that :) . And good luck. I wanted to ask because so many people who want to make general changes make it all about "getting ready for the beach" or something like that and I think it's their downfall.

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