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shank918 04-09-2007 11:19 AM

Comp Diet....
Im going to be competing in the fall and im going to diet all this summer..... could yall help me w/ a good comp diet?

shank918 04-11-2007 03:15 PM

k nevermind

verbatimreturned 04-11-2007 03:41 PM

I don't think anyone here truthfully feels qualified to help you out with a pre-contest diet, not to mention the fact that the average competitor pays a trainer many hundreds of dollars to put something like this together for them.

TALO 04-12-2007 07:26 AM

We could give you a list of food to eat or even a diet, but everyone is different, so you would be best to fork over the extra cash and have someone that can see you help you along. There are so many litle things that have to be done during the process that it should be handled by a pro.

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