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ricks 01-07-2008 03:17 AM

Confused over diet
Hi all. Great forum!
I've had a lot of success in reducing my body weight by dieting and working hard in the gym. I train HIIT 3 times a week with a coach and do cardio 5 - 6 days a week in addition.

Lately my weight loss has slowed. I actually plateaued for about 3 weeks.

My confusion is that I've read a couple of comments here about "not eating enough you won't lose weight". I try to keep my calorie deficit around 5 - 7 hundred a day and do a cheat day back to maintenance at least once a week. My typical day I eat 6 - 7 small meals. My diet is very clean with almost all my carbs coming from sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, and beans. I eat chicken, turkey, and some lean beef. Vegetables are mostly broccoli and cauliflower ( i love them both!).

My measurements are:

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 180
Chest: 42"
Waist: 35" (measured at the navel)
Biceps: 15 1/4"
Thighs: 24"
Calfs: 15"

My main focus is getting my waist down another couple of inches. Still have some stubborn fat and small "love handles".

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

TALO 01-07-2008 06:02 AM

Hard to tell without any food or macros to look at.

Pitysister 01-07-2008 02:50 PM

getting any good fats in there? or just protein and carbs?

iron_worker 01-07-2008 03:55 PM

When I cheat, its not just back to its like way over. I believe in shocking your body once a week to make sure you're not falling into a rut. Its worked thus far.

I agree with the others, you should post up a sample day of your eating for better help.


ricks 01-08-2008 03:25 AM

Typical Day Meals
Breakfast: (5:45 AM) 1 Whole Egg& 1/2 Cup Egg Beaters
1 Cup Baked Yam
Mid Morning Meal: (10:00 AM) 2 Cups Cooked Oatmeal
Lunch: (12:30 PM) Turkey Sandwich on Whole Grain Roll
Mid-Afternoon Meal: (3:30 PM) Lite and Fit Yogurt
Post Workout: Reload
Dinner: (7:30 PM) 6 Ounces Chicken Breast
Night Snack: (9:00 PM) Cottage Cheese

Lots of small meals

iron_worker 01-08-2008 03:53 PM

You only really have protein sources every other meal. When I make up a diet plan, every meal starts with a protein source ( lean protein mostly). You should take the number of meals you're going to have and divide the total required protein for the day by that number.

You should be getting at a bare minimum 1g protein per lb of body weight. I would reccomend more if you can. Otherwise, if you're losing weight it may in fact be partially muscle mass...not cool.

Well thats all I got for now.


hrdgain81 01-08-2008 04:07 PM

^^ agreed

also, your training HIIT 3 times a week, and doing cardio 5 -6 days in addition.

What do you mean by HIIT, High intensity Interval Training (which is cardio), or do you mean HIT, Mike Mentzers retarted brain child?

If its the former, your doing more cardio then anyone ever needs to. If its the later, adding 6 days of cardio to a program that has you doing one high intensity set to failure will certainly have you overtraining in no time.

Either way I think you need to dial it back, or your going to hit a wall soon. Or perhaps you already have.

TALO 01-08-2008 04:10 PM

^^agree and if you don't want to dial it down, then your going to have to eat over 6000 cals to put on any type of size.

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