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cinick 12-09-2007 07:18 PM

Crikey, good on you guys!
Hi guys, This is my first post after signing up while on holiday in Canada back in June - Sept 07.
Have popped into the forum from time to time (live in New Zealand) to get some tips and try to motivate myself.
Today I accidentally ended up reading a thread by leslian407 who was asking for help, you blokes were awesome!
I have recently lost about 20lbs (of pur fat) and are now at 215lbs. I'm 6ft and still carrying some unwanted weight but am on my way.
Bought a power rack last week an olympic bar and dumb bells today and am trying on my own (have had a fear of gyms and the whole gym scene for years) to get the diet and excercise thing happening.
I definitely have lots to learn and this sight has been great to read.
Definitely not strong with bench only at 176lb including the bar (not even my body weight:lame:)but considering it was only 88lb when i started in May I'm sorta happy.
I'll keep popping in and getting tips, and making my 3 meals 6 smaller ones like i just read.
Thanks again guys, I feel abit more confident knowing there are other newbies out there trying and you big fellas are willing to help out. Hell who knows I might even post again:rolleyes:

Pitysister 12-09-2007 07:57 PM

congrats man...keep it up :)

MONSTAFACE 12-09-2007 08:01 PM

welcome cinick. as you stated you are trying to loose fat. just a tip. try to not overdo it. when people are loosing weight and start to see results they tend to worker harder than they should which leads to you hitting a plateu and not being able to loose any more, or you start to loose muscle.

i say this to let you know that it is a long process. stick with yrou goals and if you have a question post it. no question is dumb. have a good one

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