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ferrarilong 09-16-2007 03:17 PM

Don't know where to start Either...
Hi... I am 20 years old, 5' 8", 165 lbs asian. I just started going to the gym for about 2.5 months. My goal is to lose some fat, mostly on my stomach and chest, hoping to get tonner on my arms also. I currently go to the gym 5-6 times a week. at least 30 mins cardio, and then 45 mins on weights. I take BNS Syntha 6 after my work out, trying to take more smaller portion meals during the day, (but its very hard) I don't know what else I can do... Any suggestion would help... thanks guys

ChinPieceDave667 09-16-2007 03:26 PM

read the articles and stickies at the top of each section of this forum. There is a lot of info that will help on what you want to work on.

widdoes2504 09-17-2007 06:14 AM

What does your routine and diet look like?

ferrarilong 09-17-2007 06:28 AM

routine: monday- 30 mins cardio, 45 mins chest
tuesday- 30 mins cardio, 45 mins shoulders
wed- 30 mins cardio, 45 mins legs
thursday - 30 mins cardio, 45 mins back
friday - 30 mins cardio, rest
sat - 30 mins cardio, 45 bi-cep, abs
sun- rest

what i eat: breakfast - oakmeal, fat free milk
lunch - chinese food
work out around 3/4 PM
Drink my PWO Syntha 6 with fat free milk
Dinner - chinese food
Before I sleep - another Syntha 6 with fat free milk

I think i need to add more meals in between, and improve on the stuff I eat during lunch and dinner...
One question is , Should I start taking creatine? What brand would you suggest... thanks

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