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Help/Advice on my transformation please

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Old 08-20-2011, 02:20 PM
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Default Help/Advice on my transformation please

I will try to explain my situation and progress as organized as possible.

My goal: Lose weight and get ripped. At least in the abdominal section.

My progress: The pictures im posting are from a 3.5 month period.

Stats Before:

23 Years old

Stats Currently:

23 Years old

Now before i post the pictures id like to explain what i did and the help im seeking to continue my transformation because although it does seem ive started slacking from what i was doing, that ive stopped seeing any more results within another month period.

The Past: Like i said, i was 220lbs, and overweight. I would probably consume 4000cal+ a day. Im talking eating a hoagie, then 3 hours later two slices of pizza. Then gorging on snacks and cookies until my stomach was bloated. I also drank zero water for years. It was always soda and iced tea, etc. I finally got tired of being who i was and decided to try to change.

My Diet and Workout: This is basically what i did for 3.5 months to get to where i am. I started limiting myself at 2000 calories a day. I mainly limited myself to only a few different foods a day for the whole time frame. I would eat about 4-5 meals a day trying not to eat more then 2-300cal each time. These foods included the following.


Chicken in a can(140cal)
Tuna in a can(100cal)
Bag of salad(120cal)
Fruit cup(100cal)
Apple slices(90cal)
Other meats


My workout was simple. I acquired the p90x dvd and ONLY did one routine, the Ab Ripper X. This is basically 15 minutes of like 20 different moves on the abdominal/core section at 25 reps each. I did this everyday, which he stated should not be done, but i did it anyway because i was determined the more often i did it the more fat would burn off my stomach.
I would also run a mile every other day at night before bed. Along with doing 50 pushups every other day after my ab workout.

A typical day for me would look like this.

630: Wake up

700: Eat 2 oatmeal packs(300 cal)

745: Arrive at work, drink cup of water.

900: Eat a yogurt cup + banana(150+100=300cal)

930: drank 2 cups of water

1100: 3 cups of water trying to feel full

1230: Ate lunch, Either a salad and a cheesestick or 2 cans of chicken or tuna, basically combination of something around the 300-400cal mark.

200: Eat a fruit cup(100cal)

300: Eat apple slices(90cal) drink 2 cups of water

400: Leave work, drink 2 cups of water

600: Eat dinner, which would consist of a peice of steak/chicken/some type of meat, and a spoonful of peas, or noodles, something like that.

730: 45minutes of exercise, jump on the trampoline/skateboard/basketball.

900: Do my ab workout and pushups

1000: Run a mile around the block.

But by the end of the day my goal was trying to eat as much protein as i could and as little carbohydrates in foods as i could without going over 2000cal.

Now heres where im stuck in a dilemma. I haven't made too much progress in the last month. Now i know i havent been as strict on the diet as i was as only eating chicken and tuna for weeks at a time, but im still not exceeding my 2000cal intake. Which is why im confused as to why im not seeing any more results in a months time. Im starting to think i need some advice and help on things to change up or something.

From what ive noticed, i definitely lost weight, that's obvious. I lost it in the face, and definitely around the stomach. I went from a size 38 waist and now im at a size 32. The Ab Ripper X routine has definitely brought out massive abs in my chest. The problem is there's still that bit of fat on my stomach that's hiding them. The only time you can really see the defined 6 pack is when i shake up and down in the mirror. I know if i can somehow lose this last bit of loose fat then the ab muscles below are already super toned.

With all this being said, here are my questions for you guys.

Do you have suggestions with my diet? Should i change it somehow or just force myself to go back to the harsh diet i was on?

Recently ive started making protein shakes using whey protein, a banana and liquid white eggs. THey come out to around 300 cals and i would drink them for breakfast instead of making something. Sometimes drink one after a workout or in exchange for lunch. I dont know if this is helping my situation of losing the last bit of fat on my gut and bringing out my defined abs or making it worse. All i know is they taste damn good lol. Should i forget about whey protein all together? Since i think i can still cut down a bit more before i start to bulk up?

With my harsh diet for the last few months it does seem to have side effects, im tired alot more, miserable, and energy seems to come and go. Alot of the time i dont feel like doing anything except laying around.

Im looking forward to all the advice and help i can get, whether it be a redefined workout plan or diet plan im all ears and hope you guys can help, thanks.

Unfornuately i dont really have any good shirt off before pics but here are the pictures i have of my transformation so far.

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