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yuris 05-28-2012 01:17 PM

Help for who is trying to lose fat
i decided to create this post in hope i can help someone losing fat.
This is based in my own experience.

One of the questions of losing fat most people make, is what should i do? Sets? Reps?

Well it doesn't really matter, what is most important when you are working out is that you keep a good cadence.
What i mean is, you can workout your entire body, without worrying about the reps and sets.

for example, chest - bench press - i will do reps while my breathing is normal, and not breathless. This is very important, while you keep a calm breathing you are in Fat Loss Zone.
But this doesn't mean you can rest, that is the point of this, you must control your breathing but you can't rest.
After chest you can do, biceps, back, triceps, legs, shoulders, abs, and do all over again, while you can keep your breath regular.
Of course you can't use too much weight, or else you can't keep a good cadence.
Just after you workout your entire body, you should do cardio, about 30min and stretch.

What should i eat before workout?
Don't eat carbs, just protein and glutamine, and a black coffee to give you the kick, and if you want a fat burner.
I always workout early in the morning. I just take a protein shake with glutamine before working out.

What to eat after workout?
Protein and complex carbs. Just because you are trying to lose fat, you should not cut all carbs.
First think is a good protein shake. Most people don't use milk but in this shake (after workout) i use skimmed milk. 400ml skimmed milk + 1 cup or 2 of whey + glutamine + spoon of peanut butter + vitargo.
After that i eat 5 white eggs + 1 yolk + 50gr oats, i mix all and i have a nice omollete + natural orange juice + multivitamin.

For lunch i also eat a bit of carbs, but this is the last meal of the day that i use carbs, the rest of the meals are rich in protein and fibers and a bit of good fat (you shouldn't cut on good fat also).

It is also very important to keep your cells full with water, this will allow you to lose fat.

Working out like this i am able to lose about 2KG (4lb) a week of fat, but i'm able to keep most of my body mass while losing fat.

irondog19 06-01-2012 07:30 PM

Good basic advice! Keep it simple and you'll see great results! A lot of people get caught up in so many different/useless things. All it takes is understanding how much your body needs to maintain/lose/gain and adjust from there!

There's plenty of different workouts, some people believe in high reps, intensity. Other's will still continue to lift heavy. All depends on your liking and desires.

Kevsworld 06-05-2012 09:06 PM

The "fat burn zone" is a pretty irrelevant concept for weight training. Just train hard and, more importantly, get your diet in order.

Mansalt 06-07-2012 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by Kevsworld (Post 93086)
The "fat burn zone" is a pretty irrelevant concept for weight training. Just train hard and, more importantly, get your diet in order.

I agree. I consider diet as the biggest part of losing fat.

Kevsworld 07-04-2012 04:13 PM

If you are looking for a great all-around guide for cardio and fat loss I'd recommend Rusty Moore's Visual Impact Cardio. This explains a lot--from diet to cardiovascular exercise. I refer to it often when I'm trying to get lean.

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