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ForeverANoob 03-20-2007 04:30 PM

Hey Diet/workout???
Aight guys for after my bulk cycle I want to start cutting, with losing as little muscle and strength as possible. I plan to keep my routine with added cardio into it, and possibly more reps.
Now this is where it gets bad. I really dont like anything other then meats, simply because as soon as i start carbs its harder to control what I eat, aka the pantry gets tore up. Anyways what i was thinking of was an all protien VERY low carb/fat intake. Now this is more then just a regular cut, I talking bout 50lb or 60lb, simply because I have that to lose.
Aright go ahead and rip this post up :P im sure its coming but just tell me what you think about the diet, and what if any i need to change with my workout.

Kane 03-20-2007 08:56 PM

How did you manage to bulk up with 50-60lbs of fat? With 7-10yrs experience I don't know how you could've screwed your diet up so much :D (ripping done :P)

Keep in mind that you still need carbs even when cutting, they provide alot of energy. As long as you monitor your fat and carb intake and keep protein high you should be alright, just don't drop carbs down to like 20grams a day...IMO that's a bad move unless your shooting for some sort of carb depletion or carb cycling diets.

What is your current routine? Its hard to make changes when I have no clue what your current routine is...

I would also suggest looking into HIIT training for cardio. I put together a training program using HIIT for a friend and he's lost 20lbs this month (which to me is a very manageable level of fat loss).

TALO 03-21-2007 07:30 AM

You need to tell us what your eating(with a break down) and how your training is. It helps.

widdoes2504 03-21-2007 08:00 AM

After you have broken down your diet and training as Talo and Kane suggested take a look at the cutting sticky in the nutrition forum and then if you have any other questions let us know. From what I have seen so far you need to definitely adjust the diet big time and incorporate or modify your cardio. Just my 2 cents so far without your info.

ForeverANoob 03-21-2007 03:51 PM

Aright well this is what I am Approximatly eating right now and ill give my training routine.

Meal 1:
Morning shake(muscle milk)

Meal 2:
Salad bout 1 serving of lean meat(6-7oz)

Meal 3:
Usually a can of chili or tuna 1 hour before workout

meal 4:
17 oz muscle milk after work out

Meal 5:
10-14 oz meat
light carb and usually a green

(haven't been able to get a 6th in reality)
Sorry for the lack of names of some of the machines, Dont really care what they are called :P
2 day cycle work out:P
Day one:
5x6 bench wide grip
5x6 incline wide grip
3x20 decline wide grip
4x8 dumbbell flat bench
(some other machines that work both don't know their names.)

Day Two:
Arms(shoulders,neck) Legs
5x8 leg press
6x20 weighted calf raises
4x10 leg extentions(quad)
5x5 Squats(haven't been doing because of my back)<<-- injured

4x10 Bar Curls
4x10 tri pushdowns
4x10 Tricep Extension
4x10 Close-Grip Bench Press
3x10 dips
4x10 dumbbell curls(tomahawk)
5x8 shrugs

5x5 military press
6xburnout crossovers
4xburnout upright rows

Almost forgot(cardio) Not much as of now( pretty burnt after that work out but I try and run for 20-30 mins, leg day like 10-20

Ok, thatz about it some of those sets are estimates of what I actually do, aight so guess ill feed this poor thing to the dogs agian, but Ive always been big and had a slow metabolism, so thats really why I want to lose weight, not because I went to an all you can eat restaurant for a year :P

ForeverANoob 04-04-2007 12:49 PM

OK, I think i have a good question. I have been working out every day past 2 weeks the fat is coming off nice, not taking anything but a pct now, since i realized that my over training has stopped muscle and strenth growth.
But in trying to lose fat, is there over training????

If i work out 2 time a day at 1.5 hours each time (on avg) is that too much.

The first work out is a home routine (just bands and isometrics) called p90x has a mix of different stuff you do.
Monday-shoulders back
tuesday- pyrometrics
wends-shoulders arms
thurs- yoga
fri- legs back
sat- kempo
Sunday- a stretch routine
All of these are about an 1hour 30min and really seem to be alot of cardio, considering there is 1-2 30sec breaks.

Also at the gym I do my regular work out with weights. 3 day cycle
day1- chest back
day2- legs
day3- arms
I have been running on the elliptical at the gym anywhere between 20-40 mins coming out to be between 300-600 cals

Now is that to much if my goal is to lose weight . And if it is why?

TALO 04-13-2007 02:20 PM

you ask the same question over and over will get the same answer or no 2x a day 7 days a week is over training

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