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kawi chris 03-14-2009 08:52 AM

ive been trying everything with no results! please help
hey new guy here looking for a little advice

a little background first. I was very active in highschool. i was involved in football, soccer, track, baseball and wrestling. im 5'6" and back then weighed anywhere from 130-135 (track, wrestling season) and 150 in football season. i was able to eat literally whatever i wanted and it never effected me. i injured my shoulder at the end of junior year and it pretty much ended my HS sports career. i still continued my eating habits and soon it caught up to me and i maxed out around 170lbs... so i changed my eating habits and started to exercise a little bit and within 6-7 months i was back around 145 lbs. i maintained that weight for a few years.

then this august i moved out with two of my buddies and got a place out on our college campus. it didnt take long before i was eating bad food again and doing a lot of drinking as well as a little pot smoking. in october my dad had a heart attack and it was a bit of a wake up call for me. i stopped smoking pot, cut back on the drinking and started to eat a little better as well as working out usually 2-3 days a week. since that worked for me before i thought it would again... in november i was still gaining noticeable weight and was around 160-170 lbs again!

for the last two and a half months ive been very serious about my diet and exercise. ive cut back on how much food i ate and have tried to stick to only healthy foods. i rarely ever go out and drink maybe once every two weeks and if i do i only have about 5 drinks. ive been going to the gym routinely 2-4 days a week. i usually start off with a 1 mile run on the treadmill, then ill lift, run another mile, work on some abs/core and then finish it off with a 30-45 minute run. i also play a little intermural flag football once every two weeks or so.

all ive managed to do is lose about 5 lbs!!!

i dont know what else to do. i eat as healthy as i can, i dont eat large meals that make me stuffed, im trying to work out as much as i can, i stopped smoking COMPLETELY and have really really cut down on alcohol consumption. in june im moving out to my own place hoping that getting away from my roomates (who are both bigger guys) will help me with my diet habits. im just not seeing the results im expecting. im tempted to try hydroxycut or some other weight loss pill but dont really want to resort to that.

can anybody help me out? its really hard to live a healthy lifestyle as a college student but im trying everything i can

jruiz21 03-14-2009 01:06 PM

well if you've lost 5 pounds then just keep working hard.. there arent any simple shortcuts or miracles that make you lose a buttload of fat in a short amount of time.

What i would suggest as a minor change in your workout regimen is to incorporate many compound lifts and have a consistent schedule instead of a varying amount of days per week. Deadlifts, Squats should be at the top of your list of exercises as well IMO

Also, instead of running before your lifting, begin with lifting, take your post-WO shake and then run a mile or two because running before drains your body enough and puts you in a catabolic state when lifting. At least if you take a shake after lifting and THEN do the running, it will be much more beneficial.

This is all i can think up at the moment. Good luck

kunalrpandya 06-09-2009 06:11 AM

Try Interval Training. That means, Sprint for a minute then jog for a minute, do like 4 set or so and do it for different cardio workouts such as stair climber and bicycle. Increase vegetable intake, they are known to be very effective in dieting. Keep it interesting and you will not find yourself getting bored and you will loose weight in no time.

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