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ThePump 03-05-2010 12:52 PM

Please Help New Guy
Hello everyone what's up?
I just got done typing a fucking masterpiece in here and clicked post after 20minutes and it told me I was logged out and lost it all!

Anyways, I'll sum it up into a super short piece so its an easy read...

I'm 19, 6ft1, 190-192lbs 34x32 pants. In short I absoutely cannot loose the fat I have on my chest and ass. My arms and legs are great but my stomach is bad but i'm mainly concerned with my chest and ass.
I've looked exactally the same since I was 17 and dispite a summer spent bmxing 20+hrs a week (tons of areobic) never lost any fat. I also maintained an average diet throughout my life of probally an average 2500 calories a day and fast food maby 2-3x a month.

I have recentally spent a month eating less than 2k cal/day and working out on my total gym 1500 (Go Chuck Norris!) and riding my recumbant bike for 15-20minutes for areobic and have noticed good gains in muscle but the problem is I just pile the muscle on under the fat on my chest and makes me look even worse! I've done hard workout stints for a couple months over the past 2 years and given up because I end up looking worse after all the hard work and not getting any leaner. Last time I checked I was 16-18% BFI

After my research I think I *may* have higher estrogen leves than normal that account for my fat retention on my chest and ass or gynocomastia. I also fucked up my wrist when I raced motocross and had to have surgeries and steroid injections that potentially helped get me into this horrible perdictiment in which I found myself.

I will do absoutely ANYTHING to get rid of this fat! It is and has created serious social and mental problems for me.
If I can't look at least reasonable by june I'm going to have to use artifical help or get liposuction as pathetic as it may be.

Please help!!

Edit: I will add pictures later this evening

Kevsworld 03-08-2010 09:10 PM

Two thoughts:

*I'm not sure the type of steroids used would make any difference--these were not anabolic steroids.

*You may want to read Lyle McDonald's Stubborn Fat Solution (just click Lyle McDonald Books on my blog).

Look into both of these before thinking about lipo. Having said that, it isn't the end of the world if you decide to do plastic surgery. Just make sure to find a reputable surgeon.

supermad 03-12-2010 12:56 PM

Your still young bro. Don't freak out to much. With proper diet and training it will shed off. It all takes time. Totalgym sux. Kiss my ass Chuck Norris!

LasseKohau 04-11-2010 02:10 PM

Go reach your goal
Hi, you could easily loose weight, dont give up hope !

Here is my advice to you !

1) Get a diet-program from an professional and stick to it. Tell the pro, that you do BB - so that program takes this into considert.

2) Get a training-program/fat-burning program from one of the members in here. There are so much great infro in here - just ask, and you will get help.

3) Focus and deliver requested targets. Implement and activate.

Good luck, BR LASSE

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