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Get R Done 11-29-2007 06:42 PM

Starting my cutting cycle monday!
Hey whats up all? I had planned on trying to bulk for 15 weeks or until I hit 225lbs and I ended up hitting my goal early so I am ready to see some of that hard earned muscle.

Monday I will be starting my very first E/C/A stack and I am kind of excited, my question to you all out there, that have used this stack before, is what you would want to have known prior to your first experience with the E/C/A stack.

I would also like to hear anything that you all think I should know, i've done some research and i am fairly confident that i know what i will be doing but asking never hurts.

My stats right now are I am 25 yrs old, 5'7, 225lbs :weights:, and probably about 22-23% b/f ( i dont know exactly but a good guesstimate would be that ). A higher b/f because of how much I slacked in college ( only been out of school for about 6 months ) but i've been working hard to try and bulk so that I will be a pretty good size once I really start cutting.

I would like to get to around 12-14% by summer time. I'll post pics when I get ahold of a camera

I'll post my experience with my first E/C/A stack after my first week for everyone out there that is thinking about trying it.

Thanks for your input guys!

iron_worker 12-08-2007 09:22 AM

I'm also interested in starting an ECA stack so I would like to hear from everyone as well.

Frontline 12-09-2007 08:44 AM


I would also like to hear anything that you all think I should know, i've done some research and i am fairly confident that i know what i will be doing but asking never hurts.
Since you've done the research I'll skip recommended dosing etc since you probably already have it laid out and just give some general advice for first time ECA usage:

1) Start of slow and build up your tolerance...when most people start the effects are much stronger on them including increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness, headaches, etc. The best way to avoid these are to slowly get used to the stack and then increase the dosage.

2) Drink plenty of water...its easy to get dehydrated on an ECA stack and this can make the side effects worse.

3) Pay attention to dosing times.. don't take a your last dose close to when you want to go to bed or you'll have a hard time falling asleep. Also a lot of people take it right before a cardio workout, the first few times you do this it may seem very intense so just be aware of how strong you want the effects to be around your workout.

4) Keep eating! Just because your appetite is suppressed don't let it prevent you from eating healthy meals frequently. Worse thing you can do is starve yourself and lose your gains that you worked so hard for.

So thats just some general "newbie" advice for ECA and as you get more and more used to it you shouldn't really have any issues. You'll still have to work your butt of to lose the fat as its not a miracle drug in any sense, but it can give you a little boost.

Get R Done 12-09-2007 08:48 AM

We'll i am now on my 7th day of the ECA stack and let me tell you i've felt wired all week. Yesterday I took my first dose at around 11am and then went to the mall and had a large coffee because I was really feeling tired and I was absolutely flying around the mall all day.

But anyways, I look at myself in the mirror and I think I look a tiny bit smaller around the waist but the scale says i've only dropped about a 1lb ( which is fine for me, i'll take a lb every week ). My diet was pretty good all week except for saturday because i wasnt home all day so i really didnt eat like I should.

I felt pretty good in the gym and I was pretty strong all week, except for chest day for some reason, but we'll see if my strength keeps up through my cutting cycle. This week I actually did some cardio ( 3 sessions of HIIT - 25 minutes a piece ), this week i'll probably do atleast 3 sessions and add a day or two of raquetball.

My basic diet is as the following ( any input is appreciated ):

7:30am - Whole wheat toast with some sugar free strawberry jelly and cottage cheese or a protien shake

10am - Hand full of Almonds and a protien shake

noon - Cup of whole wheat rice, ckn breast, mixed veggies

3:30 - Whole wheat wrap with 4 slices of turkey and a touch of deli mustard

6pm - workout

8pm - Steak, protien shake, and cup of rice

10pm - cottage cheese

I know its not the best diet out there but it's better than my diet that consisted of basically hot pockets and protien shakes during college ( and beer/liqour, that was seriously it )

I was also thinking about uping my dosage to 75mg E, 600mg C and 243mg A a day, but i figured i'd get through my first 2 week cycle then take 2 weeks off then another week of 2x a day with the 2nd week getting the 3x a day treatment. any thoughts???

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