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powersquat 05-16-2011 08:54 AM

Getting back into it
Hello all, Name is matt. I have been training hard for about a year now but recently had a injury to my shoulder/pec which set me back a bit. I am 30 years old so it takes a bit more time for me to recover..

Before this i did nothing.. i played football/hockey and rugby in highschool and one year of football in uni before i had a serious knee injury. I was very active. After that it was a downward slide really.. At one point i weight upwards of 240 pounds and felt like a piece of shit.. Decided it was time for a change and get my ass back in some shape (not round LOL)

I know weigh 190-200 and i not felt this good since playing sports, i am more active with mountain biking, flag football and so on..

Anyways.. i am excited to get back to the gym and tear this shit up.. i am looking to hit PR even and will push myself.. My shoulder injury is something will watch but is something i will live with for the rest of my life i think..

Good luck everyone and lift hard!

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